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whispers  under  ground  Ben  aaronovitch ( KLB) Mystery  /paranormal  – really  good  – one  of  those  books  that shows  you  the  disadvantage of  a  kindle .   I  have  no idea  why  I  chose  to  take this out ,  what  it was about  or  what  the cover  looked like – so  it  was  a complete  surprise to  me  when  I  read  it.   magic,  mystery  london , london  under ,  really  good.   and  not  the  first  book — so  I got  a  little   lost , but  not  too lost   Need  the other  books  by  this  author

The  squad Killer  Spirit  Jennifer  Lynn Barnes (LB)  2nd  book  in  this  series –  fun

Guitar  Notes  Mary  Amato (KLB)  A Boy ,a girl  . One  a  celloist , one a  guitar player. one a perfect  student, one  is lost .   The share a practice  room  on opposite  days  of  the week and  start  exchanging notes.   a story  about the power of  creating music

Last Wool  and Testament:  A haunted  Yarnshop  Mystery Molly  MacRae (KB) cross  between  a cozy  and a  paranormal.  Fun .  liked  the main  character  a  lot, hoping  to  see more developement  of  some of  the secondary  characters in  the  second  book.


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How to watch tv

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No  . I’m  not  actually  answering  that question , I’ve  been  exploring it.   Starting with videotaping, I’ve been a timeshifter. With TIVO, I rarely  watch  live  TV.   I also  watch a  lot  less.   DH  watches  almost  none. ( Joss Whedon – get another show on  the air ) Cable is expensive, but  I do like to  watch some shows  when I  find  the  time .  I don’t actually  mind  paying for TV – I  think artists of all stripes  should get paid for  there work.   So what to do.  

I  have  looked around and explored different  options.Roku  boxes look like  the way  to go – an easy  way  to  get most of  the stuff I  want to watch on to my  tv.   I  could do  things on  my  computer , but I sometimes like to  have  the tv  on while doing something else – like cleaning. or word  games on my  computer, or paying  bills.   So having it on the bigger  screen that is over  there is nice.  

This week  , however, I  have  been  exploring tv  with out  the tv.   First  network internet  tv– lots  of place have the back  season on  line — or  the past x  number of episode.  Interestingly Syfy would not  run on  the mac,  but hulu  did  and  they  have  them ( I have no idea  if  this is a Syfy issue with mac or just a site  problem – I ‘m  not  sure where the windows laptop is) .   Interesting – hulu  will not  run on the ipad or  other mobile  devices – they  want  you  to have a  hulu plus  account. Cost  7.99 a  month – not  much compared to  the wacky  price of cable , but i did not have my CC in  the bedroom . So  I  went to  amazon  prime.  

I  am a  fan of  amazon  prime. I’ve  had  a membership since  I  move  to california  – free  two  day  shipping is  something I  use in my last  minute  life. Now  with  my  kindle I  can  borrow  1  book a  month  through  amazon  prime.   and they  have instant  stream of a number of tv shows and movies fo  zero  dollars. ( of  course  there is stuff  you  can  pay  for ) .   For  the ipad there is  an  app- and it works very  well.

the one  problem  with  these  is  the same thing  that  I  find  with  trying to help people  with  ebooks at t he library . everything  works slightly  differently  and there is one more step to do  things .   I  think a roku  take out  a lot of  that  complications.  

Closer  and closer  to the end of cable tv in  my  house.

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