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Do  you  support  local  business?  Where do  you  shop? As much  as I can,  more  and more of my  shopping goes local or small business.   Not all , because if you look at  my blog I do get ebooks from  amazon . ( no local  book store ! boo!) But when I  can  , I  spend  my money in local  and small  businesses.

I  have a few  reasons why. The first is that local businesses  are responsive. My  local  small grocery  store ( Mr. Mikey’s) is always asking if there are  things  they  should carry .  Recently  they  added a small produce section.  Our local  glass bead  maker made beads inspired by a local customer/friend.   And The Niles Pie Company is always interested in feedback.

The second, local business support the local community. A number of the local business have been involved in helping support the Niles Plaza concerts. Both with money(thank you, Iron Dog ) and with time ( Thanks, Wayne). The local business also support each other . The Niles Pie Company recently had a party for their kickstarter at the Vine.

I  support local  businesses by  shopping at them.   I  also  spread  the word about them – and we also  help.  My  DH  has  helped  with  a  number of projects for  local  business by  donating his computer expertise, and  his woodworking  skills.,  and  sharing  his  music. And  we  help  by  donating Money.   As I  said above,  the Niles Pie company  has a kickstarter going on.  A kickstarter is away  for a business to  raise  money . People donate  money  and receive something ( a  service or  goods) in return.   A donation to  the Niles Pie Kickstarter is a gift  to the owner, a gift  to  you ( pie!) , and  a gift to  the community (  expansion  means  hiring people) .

Niles Pie  is  not  the first Kickstarter I’ve  been  involved  in .  I  do  think it its  a  great place  to start ( I like  Pie)  .  However, there are a lot  of small ( and local )  businesses you can  support.   Explore kickstarter and see what a little bit of your money can do. It is fun to watch the donations come in and then to see the progress of a project.

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The Prophet (  graveyard  Queen) Amanda  Stevens (klb)  3rd in  the series – not  a great place to  start – gothic,ghosts, New Orleans, mystery.   It  was  good,  but starting in  the middle  wasn’t wonderful.   not  sure  if  I  will go  back  and read  the first ones. this is becoming an annoying problem – I  need a blurb at the beginning of  each ebook – so I don’t  read in  the middle  of  the series  first.

  Rex  Libris James  Turner (lb)   Graphic  Novel.   our  square jawed , square-bodied  librarian  take on  ignorance  and darkness while tracking down  overdue library  books all over  the universe.  Fun

Battlefield J. F. Jenkins (KLB) YA  3 unlikely  teens have powers that help  them fight a battle among  aliens  that  have chosen earth as  their  next battlefield.   compelling  ,interesting characters, enough  well placed  twist – most of  which I’ve seen coming.  some stiff dialog – but mostly  between  the aliens – so  maybe  it  is on purpose.

10th  anniversary  Jame Patterson ( lb) 10th  in  the women’s  murder club.  quite enjoyable.  and once  I  started  reading it – it  made  no difference that  it was a  real book rather  than a kindle  format – I  just  have to  remember to bring it  back.

control J.  F.  Jenkins(KB)  2nd in  the series.  I  had to  buy  this one because it  was not in kindle format at  the library (?!) . Good,  but I’m not  ready  to look for  the third in  the series (  which  might not  exsist  yet)

The Melancholy  of Haruchi  Suzumiya Nagaru Tanigawa(lb) YA  not sure I  can  explain  this one . Told from  the view of  a 15 yr old  boy ( which  is  important) .  really  fun.  very  bizzare,and parts of it I  found highly  offensive but  that  sort of gets explained so  I  can deal  with  it.   Sort of.  !st in a series

6  so  far  for  October

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Book list 21

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A Girl Named Digit Annabel Monaghan   (lb) ya.  Math genius girl gets involved in terrorist case, meets cute FBI dude.   On page 123 , I thought the book was silly.  I cried thru the last chapters, but it was still silly.

The railway detectives Edward marston(klb) excellent mystery in the early English RR days

Angel  with a  bullet(  a  Dixie  Flynn mystery)  by  M.C. Grant ( KLb)Noir  mystery  in current  day  SF.   good.

9 for  september

Blood  Magic  Tessa Gratton  (KLB) YA  blood  magic – so  gory   and  had  me  guessing . frantic  pace  at  the  end.

Wilder Rumors Molly  MacRae  (LB) A good  mystery, second  I  read  by  this  author.  She  has  an interesting  view of  police officers.   A  lot  more  aggressive  and  hard  headed  then in  most  books — not  brilliant or  stupid; more  dogged.   Very interesting.

9 for  September, 113 for  the  year.

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