Book list 21

October 5, 2012 at 3:44 pm (Uncategorized)

A Girl Named Digit Annabel Monaghan   (lb) ya.  Math genius girl gets involved in terrorist case, meets cute FBI dude.   On page 123 , I thought the book was silly.  I cried thru the last chapters, but it was still silly.

The railway detectives Edward marston(klb) excellent mystery in the early English RR days

Angel  with a  bullet(  a  Dixie  Flynn mystery)  by  M.C. Grant ( KLb)Noir  mystery  in current  day  SF.   good.

9 for  september

Blood  Magic  Tessa Gratton  (KLB) YA  blood  magic – so  gory   and  had  me  guessing . frantic  pace  at  the  end.

Wilder Rumors Molly  MacRae  (LB) A good  mystery, second  I  read  by  this  author.  She  has  an interesting  view of  police officers.   A  lot  more  aggressive  and  hard  headed  then in  most  books — not  brilliant or  stupid; more  dogged.   Very interesting.

9 for  September, 113 for  the  year.

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