Gone Girl – review

November 7, 2012 at 3:17 pm (Uncategorized) ()

I  don’t  swear  a  lot.  My  family  doesn’t really  swear.  As I’ve  grown  older,  it  just  seems  odd  to  use  body  parts, or  body functions  to mean something bad.  I do  like  to  use  frell ( from  Farscape) or  frak  (  from  BSG) –  they sound  like  they mean something wrong.  And I use the  phrase ‘effed up’ a  lot  too,  because  it  just  sounds  like  a  mess.   All this  information is  because  I  finished  Gone  Girl by  Gillian  Flynn  a  few  days ago.   The  book just  will not  leave  my  head.  I’m  astonished.  I don’t  read  a lot  of best sellers, they  often  don’t  appeal.   But I  read  this  one, and it  is so  messed up.   The  characters are completely  fucked up.  They  have entangled and mixed themselves  up  and created a horrific mess.

Gone  Girl  is  the  story of couple. The  fall in love, get married, things go well , then  they don’t, and she disappears.  The story is told in alternating flashbacks and alternating chapters. First  Nick  ,then  Amy.   The voices of  each  character is  crystal  clear.   You know  who  they are. You know  when  they  lie.  I  didn’t  like  anybody.

About halfway through the book, it feels like something is missing – and boom, there it is.  The timing/pace of  the book is spot on.

I  would like  this book just  for  the slap at the overdone dramatic news coverages of tragedies   But then there was the ending.   I hated it, but it was absolutely perfect.


  1. bjb said,

    I read this one also. I liked the couple in their early marriage and then…I liked the flash back and thought it was a good build up for the story. But I’m thinking the aurthor didn’t know what to do with the ending and this story was very similar to a book from 20 years ago.

  2. egb63 said,

    I think the author knew exactly where she was going. there are hints through the book that point to the end.

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