foods I don’t eat

November 30, 2012 at 8:04 pm (chronic conditions, diabetes, food)


sorry, my  fault they  won’t exsits  soon.  but I didn’t  like them as a kid.

green  olives  with pimento

Over time I’ve  grown  to  like green  olives,  but still don’t  like ’em stuffed with pimento.

artificial  sweetners.

I  don’t like  the taste of  them.   I’ve  even  learned to  drink Ice tea  without  sweetner. occassionaly  I  have a diet  soda or crystal light  lemonade, but really, I’d  rather  not.

fat free  sour  cream

It  tastes  funny – nothing  like  real  sour  cream

fat  free  half and half

I  have no idea  how  this is even possible.

light butter /light margerine /fat  free cheese.  

I had some of  these  that  don’t  melt.  Scary.

So what is  this all about?   Blood  sugars  not  good.  Neither  is  weight ( clothes aren’t  fitting well ) and  I  really  like to  eat. SoI’m  just trying to  remember  there are  very  few foods I  dion’t like.   Variety is avalible , so  eating less of some things  does not have to be painful.   Also, no matter what advice I  get  from  books or well meaning  friends- the first  rule of food  for me is Never eat anything  you  don’t  like. It only  makes me look  for  something better  tasting.

Of  course,  there are those foods  that dont like at all

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