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Sundays  at Tiffany James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet (KLB)

If  you liked  this book ,Don’t  read  any further. Rant  ahead.

I don’t love  James Patterson as  an author,  but  he  is often  amusing  and  fun . Not  this  books . It  starts off  very  sentimental  imaginary  friend , 8  year old  girl…but  he has to leave her on  her  9th  birthday. She is supposed to  forget, but of course,  she doesn’t  .   Fast forward  20  years. Loneley woman, dominated by her mother and sort of boy friend, no spine… this describes Jane. Through a serie of events – she remeets her imaginary friend. – and Jane tosses away all her pitiful behavior . Micheal – who is a mystical being – becomes human. Her mother on her death-bed says – I was just being mean so you didn’t have to be ( WHAT?!?!?). happily  ever  after.

basic  message of the story – woamn needs man to be  strong.   And parents are mean becasue  they love  you

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