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February 25, 2013 at 6:20 pm (fitness, fun) ()

So  yesterday  I  walked down  town , twice.  This  means 3+ to  4 miles of walking.  yay! good for me!  but that is not what  was interesting. It  was  how I  felt.  The first  walk  was , ok.  but it was before coffe  and food – so not great.  the walk  home – was  hard – due to  too much food  and too many  bruch  drinks.  The  third  walk – back downtown,  was annoying – too effortful.   The walk  home – walk number  4  ,  was Great.

I’ve  always  known  that I  get  stiff easily.   Heck,  that  is part of  why I  sweep  my  floors  every morning- it loosens  me  up.  I think I  have  been  moving so  little – that it took  over  three miles to  loosen up.  The  rest  in between  gave my body   a chance to  get  used to  the idea  of moving, but  they  were  close  enough  in time  that I  didn’t  get  stiff.

Have  you  ever heard the ideas – just  take  the stairs or park  further out … well I  know  why  that idea hasn’t woked for  me  in  the past.  that isn’t  enough  to bring me to  the next level.  I  do  think I  need to get to  at least  15 minutes  almost  every day,  but I  don’t  think  that  will happen  with out a little bit  of  push.  the concept of  feeling better after  moving is going to  take a bit.


And I  think that is the key to  exercise- or  more  movement  if  you  will. Not ignoreing you  body,  but exploring and seeing  how  you  feel.  Learing what  makes  sense  for  you  .


  1. Ronnie said,

    excellent, know your body

  2. egb63 said,


  3. Peter said,

    It finally gets easier

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