Fremont- Souless?

March 11, 2013 at 5:17 pm (Uncategorized)

This article  came out in the SFGate. Calling Fremont soulless. Now, I’m not sure what that means, it really isn’t a language I speak. Maybe what people mean is that there isn’t an easily identifiable character. And that is something I can agree with.

Now, I think Fremont could be better. I would love to see more bikeways and more pedestrian friendly areas. I would love to see more unique shops and restaurants. ( and I want a full bookstore back) In fact , I think Fremont is uniquely set up for small niche markets. We have an amazingly diverse population and there is a good amount of money here. And I think that should be the plan. If you want to open a business here – think starting small, with a plan of what group of the Fremont population you want to attract.

Here is my vision of the lower floors of some of these new places growing up in Fremont.

1) a wine bar- start small limited selections – – with a cheese plate, charcuterie (sp?) , and some good bread. As you grow, your client will give you ideas of how to grow.
2) a Coffee house. Not a chain , but a place where people sit and enjoy a well brewed cup of coffee.
3) a juice bar. We have a lot of people of all ages that are concerned with health. and healthy eating. Not a chain, not brightly lit.
4) a tea house. Some[place that understands the brewing of tea – and the creation of infusions
6) a grilled cheese sandwich shop – seriously I think Fremont can support it. ( vegetarians, college students , young families and me…)

– a common area for these shops – where people can sit with their drinks and snacks, only accessible by coming through th shop. (I know Fremont)

Will Fremont, every be a place with a ‘soul’? Well, it already has many ‘souls’. If you look , you’ll see them. It will probably never have one unique identity, but I think that is what keeps Fremont interesting.

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