books march 2013

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Ghost of a Chance (Chintz ‘n China, Book 1) Yasmine Galenorn (my book ) I have no Idea where I got this from . I was thinking cozy tea shop mystery. Well, Not really. too much paranormal stuff for that . I actually liked that part and I found the mystery logical , if a little out of left field. However – 1) a tea shop owner that drinks mostly celestial seasoning commercial herbal infusions – really? and 2) the boyfriend is creepy, demanding, whiny, and a controller. He is a Nice Guy with everything bad that those capital letters infer. Kick him to the curb.

Gooseberry Bluff Community college (KS) part 2. moved up a notch in action, I feel like I know Joy (protagonist) better – and it left me hanging – so I cursed the author.

The Celtic Witch by Debra Geary (KB) I read a review of the series a few days ago -and they used the word unrealistic. I thought it was a funny word – because well, it is about witches. It has magic and spells. But then she said the family was ‘too perfect’ which I thought was interesting. These books are romances, but not just a couple, but a romance about finding you place in this world. Finding your family – your home. And it is lovely how people sit around and trying to understand what they need to do to improve the relationships they have with people

Breed of innocence (breed Chronicles #1) Lanie Jordan (kb) supernatural page turner–16 yr old girl is asked to join a demon hunter academy, by the director. She is good and seems to have some extra qualities – like fast healing and a good memory…What is she not being told?

Etiquette & Espionage Gail Carriage (LB) So much fun . really good read Steam punk – finishing school and spies review here

Gooseberry  Bluff Community  College  part  3 – yes  impatiently  waiting for  part  4…..


I’ll call it  5  books – so  15  for  the  year

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