April 2013 books

April 30, 2013 at 6:29 am (Uncategorized) ()

The  Magic  Circle Katherine  Neville(my book) reread  and I  don’t  know  why dan  brown  style convoluted  plot – she  has  better  books.

Splendors  and Glooms Laura Amy Schlitz (KLB) children’s  book  that  creeped me out – oliver twistian  world. Dirt, poverty,extreme wealthy. puppets.     Truly  evil  villains that do horrible  things to people  and die horribly.  Hard  to  put  down ,  well written  and made it  hard to  sleep .

Gooseberry Bluff community college – part 4 (KS) loving the book – finding the format frustrating — every time I get a new one just enough time has passed that I end up going back a few pages.

Rosemary and Rue  Seanan Mcguire (LB) She wrote Feed, this is her first book. It has some first book flaws, but the first part of the book is a hard. emotionally hard. A gutsy place to start a book. The flaw- really she has to explain everything – all the different creatures of Fairie. I like it, but it does interfere with the flow. And I am very glad I have the second one home .

A local habitation Seanan McGuire (LB) Quite good, but a little more complex and move a little slower.

Gooseberry Bluff community college -part 5 (KS) Really I can wait til I have them all and just read them end to end. I know suspense novels end chapters on cliff hangers – but when you can’t go onto the next… I am really enjoying every minute of it, however.

Swordfights and lullabies Debra Greary (KB) which light morsel ( which means short story ) fun.

The Wonderful wizard of OZ  L. Frank Baum (KB) Neve read it , so I did. Wierder than the movie. and I think even though it is slightly old fashion – the language would be accessible to most children.

Heist Society Ally Carter (KLB) What fun! Different than I expected , but very good. Kat Bishop – has escaped from her con artist family and become – a boarding school student. But she doesn’t get to stay out of that life for long…A really good con/heist novel.

8 in april 23 for the year


  1. Kari Buchanan said,

    Tell me if the third of Seanan McGuire improves. My impression was the same as yours. I haven’t finished the 2nd book because I found it much slower.

    • egb63 said,

      the end of the second made it worth it. I felt light i got a bunch of insitght into how everything works and might go together. I loved her newsflesh series ( writing as mira grant) so I’ll read the others , just not right now.

  2. JennyB said,

    Have you read “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern? The circus is a really cool world. And the story is interesting.

    • egb63 said,

      One of my favorite books from last year. It was magical and delicious. Matt really liked it too.

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