final thoughts on squats

May 24, 2013 at 2:15 pm (fitness) ()

so I finished the 30 day squat challenge with a rousing 250 squats yesterday . I did it because – someone suggested it; overall it didn’t look hard and it was a short time. and I was curious – would there be any results in 30 days.

Results: there is a lot more muscle in my thighs. I don’t really know if it is visible, but I can feel it. Also, my lower back is not cranky.

What I learned: most people who spend part of their day on their feet can do 50 squats. I know because I made people try it. So in my completely non-scientific study if you work in a library -I bet you can. However, 250 squats not a good number. The challenge moved too fast for that to be a sane number. I can do 100 good squats. I can’t do 250 good squats. Maybe someday, but I need to work up more slowly.

current plan: 100 squats most days. When I do it in the morning, it works to help wake me up. I’m guessing Thursdays ( late Wednesday nights) and Saturday ( early morning work) will be squat squat days. And I’ll look for something to add.


  1. Kari Buchanan said,

    squat squat days? Is that double the number of squats in a day?

    • egb63 said,

      no that means zero – as in i did squat.

  2. Kari Buchanan said,

    I think I’ve figured out what I will do to maintain the squats. I’m beginning with 75 squats with 4 lb dumbbells for bicep curls plus an additional 50 squats with no additional weight.

    • JennyB said,

      Squats combined with overhead press would be another option if it won’t aggravate your back. And then there is Sumo squats with high pull. And lunges with bicep curls or tricep curls or overhead press or…Gosh I sound like Tess.

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