cucumber martinis ( all mom’s fault)

July 14, 2013 at 7:08 pm (drinks, food) ()

No ,  really.   she  started  me  thinking about  them…

so  I took  a  bunch of  cucumbers  and  ran  them in the  blender  with  the juice  of  a  lemon and  a  pinch of salt.

I strained  the juice (  I’ll  use  the  pulp  for  taziki ) and  added to  pinches  of sugar  to  balance  everything.   We  did a  little  taste  testing  and decided 1 part  gin to two  part  juice.   Yes,  you  could  do  vodka,  but gin  added t o  the flavor – which , in  this  case,  is  very important.    Chill.

When  ready to  serve – pour  in  a  glass  top  with sparkling  water.

Very  refreshing,  not  sweet.

my  understanding  is  that vodka cucumber  martinis   are  made  with  simple  syrup.   this  was  actually  really  good,  and just  juice  cut  with seltzer  might  have  been  really  good.   If  I  had  any cucumbers left….


  1. Sly Wit said,

    Sounds tasty. For the cukes: Peeled? Not peeled?

    • egb63 said,

      deseeded all of them — I used two homegrown one with tough skins – those I peeled , but I had a Persian cuke wth a dark green skin – that one I left the peel on . More skin will be greener.

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