junk or gourmet?

August 13, 2013 at 8:59 pm (books) ()

I  was  reading a novel and the woman  in  the novel  lies.   Not  because  she  is  a spy in  the civil  war, not because it is  not  her  story, but  because  she is ashamed.  It is an historical  romance , and  what  she did  was considered disgraceful ,but  the hero  knows most  of  the story  anyway.  And it is going to  come out.  A  first,  I  thought  I  was  just  being me . I like  people  to  be  more  honest.   However, in  this case , it just feels like an  overly  -dramatic  piece of action  to  what  was a quiet  drama  of a marriage that was  supposed  to  grow  into  a  love  match.

So there is a  time  when I  would have  finished it  anyway.   I can’t  waste  my  time  now.  I  used to  think of  romance  novels  as candy.   Now,  I  want  them  to  be gourmet  candy. No  time  for  bad  candy, anymore.

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books for July 2013

August 6, 2013 at 2:41 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Midnight  Riot  Ben Aaronovitch (KB) paranormal detective in london — this is the first in the series – ( I read the third first) excellent.

An artificial night Seanan McGuire (LB) third book in the rosemary and rue series. She really hits her stride with this one.

The elegant gathering of white snows Kris Radish (KlB) A bunch of women friends in Wisconsin decide to take a walk. A long walk. It gets a bit heavy-handed, but I enjoyed it.It resonates. Almost every woman I know has wanted to just walk away from her life at some point. Not because it is horrible , not because it is bad, but because.

Gooseberry Bluff 11 (KS)

Indexing 5 (KS) I might have lost count.

Au revoir, crazy European chick / by Joe Schreiber (KLB) review here. Fun.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore / Robin Sloan (LB)books store. geeks. codes. tales of treasure. What is not to love? And I really really like the ending.

Charm & strange / Stephanie Kuehn (LB)not my usual type of book, but well done. review

gooseberry  bluff 12 – the end (KS)General view of serials. If I don’t know the author, I might not do it. Waiting two weeks for the next part means that my own brain does not keep the continuity flow. It helped that many of these episodes ended on a cliff hanger.

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