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December 2, 2013 at 3:56 pm (Uncategorized) ()

em>Eat, brains, love Jeff Hart (lb) YA A couple of high school seniors, become zombies and eat a bunch of their friends in the lunch room. But they have some of their own brains left so they escape the government agency that is out to kill /study /destroy zombies. ( that no one admits is real ) . One of the zombie hunters is a teen girl with mind reading abilities. and it gets complicated. and gross. and not great

 – Sean Maguire ( KS) finished — Sooooo good. I read for stories – which I can’t define very well. But since this was a story about stories….Excellent – go get it.

The coldest girl in Coldtown / by Holly Black (LB) Holly Black writes edgy urban fantasy. There is nothing comfortable about her books. no happy endings. this one is her first vampire book — and it explores the current fascination and romanticism around vampires – with the reality of creatures that need blood and can live almost forever. There is room for more, but I hope there is never a direct sequel….

The tollgate Georgette Heyer (my book) needed lighter – an old favorite, but not quite as light as I remember. ( death , murder, robbery mixed with romance)

Gnomes on the Range
Jennifer Zane (kb) romance /mystery light fun, despite the mystery being truly dangerous.


Curtsies & conspiracies / Gail Carriger (LB) 2nd in the finishing school steam punk series . Victorian era girls learning to be spies and assassins in a steampunk world

so that is 6 so 73 so far …

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