just contemplating

February 19, 2014 at 3:59 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

So I’ve  been  thinking  about  the  Zombie  apocalypse,  as  one  does.   What  would  I  need and  what  would  be  the winning item to  have  the corner on.   I  have a  cold  ,  so  my  first  thought  was guaifenesin.  But  then I  thought ,  the  person  that  corners  the market  on  steam is  the  winner.   It  is  good for  colds and asthma and  sore  muscles  and  cold  weather.   It  is  also  really good  for  cleaning,  especially  if  you  have a microfiber  cloth.   And  of  course  it  can  be  used  as a power  source.   I’m pretty  sure  with the current  tech in  plastics  and metals  we  could  do  stuff  that  was  more  useful  than  early  attempts  at  steam  power.

just  contemplating

( and no,  I’m  not  so  worried  about  vampires –  they  are  smart  enough to  know  they  need people – so  they  will do  what  they  can  to keep  the  cattle  happy )

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