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Smoothies are tasty. of course, that pack a lot of nutrition into an easy to swallow meal. If you make them at home, you can make a lot of choices about what goes in them. There is also a little magic. If you have read about green smoothies – you know that you can add leafy greens to a smoothie and not really know they are there. ( spinach being the green that is used most)

I have found that once a week – when I work the later shift – that is a good day for a smoothie . I am not really hungry , but I might not get a chance to eat before 5 , so I need something. However, I have diabetes and if you look at how most smoothies are made – it is fruit, fruit juice, leaves, yogurt and sweetener. While tasty, it doesn’t work for me. Too many carbohydrates at one meal and depending on the smoothie , maybe too many for one day. Also, because of diabetes, I have spent a lot of time trying to train my palate to prefer less sweet foods. So I am looking for ideas for more veggie-based smoothies.

Today tried one that is part fruit/part veggie. 1 cup of blueberries ( 30g carbohydrates aprox.) ( which is the top end of what I want) 2 cups spinach , 1 cup water, large spoonful greek yogurt (1/4 cup?). With that mix you get a fair amount of green flavor,and blueberry – which goes together well. It is not sweet but not overly vegetable juice. The recipe ( I know,smoothie recipe) had no yogurt – so it might have been more vegetable-juice like. It also had ginger, which would have been tasty. It was a successful experiment.

So I am on a quest for veggie smoothie ideas – any ideas?

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april national poetry month

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When I was a child I wrote poems. I grew up with poetry: Mother Goose, Robert Frost , a. A. Milne, Robert Service, Lewis Carroll, and Robert Burns are the earliest poems I remember. In books, on playgrounds, in school, and at the dinner table. So I wrote poems. Once I learned to write, and learned that I could write a poem, I did. Somewhere in my teen years, I stopped. I know I was hyper-critical of myself back then, but I also knew I was writing sappy, sloppy, somewhat ridiculous stuff. I tried again in college, but it wasn’t good.

I know what happened in college. I studied too much about symbolism, and more importantly, I was not willing to expose myself. My poetry had me hiding behind words. It is hard to express things when you hide behind a wall of words.
The worst thing about not writing poetry was that I stopped reading it. It stopped talking to me. It was no longer part of my life.

Then came the internet. Youtube, and Blogging and Facebook. Part of my job in the library was to post stuff. April is national poetry month which gave me something easy to post. Lots of classic poetry read by beautiful voices. And on Youtube, there was spoken word. Real, honest, accessible, emotionally strong words. new poems.

Poetry is back in my life . Here are two of my favorite spoke word artists.
Sarah Kay and Shane Koyczan

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