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I always  used  libraries.  There  was a brief period in time where it  was difficult  to get  to a  library ,  but we  will remember  that  with a small shudder  and forget  it.   I have always bought books. I  am  in a  horrid  place  right now  where I  have no local  book store to  buy  new books.   Over  time  I  have become … invested /enmeshed  in Amazon.


First  it  was  Amazon  Prime- 2 day  shipping for  free- good  for  someone  that forgets to send things out to family  and friends.  Then when I could  borrow  ebooks  from the library I  got  a  kindle. And then I  found out I can borrow  a book a  month  from amazon for  free.   And  there are free ebooks – perfect for checking  out  a  new  author ( an getting me  hooked on  a  series) .  And since our  DVD  player  and TIVO  died –we  use   the streaming  video  a  bunch.


But  I  have  been  hearing  about this. Amazon blocking and slowing sales from certain publishers- because they want more from the publishers. I can’t tell you if this is fair – but I can tell you it might not be wise. Because there are still a number of places to order a book- I don’t have to go to Amazon.

Am I going to give up on Amazon well, some of my favorite authors only do ebooks through amazon ( no physical copies) so the answer is no. But I am more than happy to use my nook ap on my ipad or buy a book from another source.

So if you cant get the book you are looking for – just do a web search – there is probably some place you can buy it

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