last night’s Dream

September 14, 2015 at 11:59 am (Uncategorized)

I  have  strange  dreams.   My  sister  J  recalls  a  lot  of  them I  have told  her .  And I  know  she’ll like  this one.  I  dreamed  that  I had  some how acquired a pet   snail.   Big  enough that  it  just  fit  in  my  hand.   When  I  moved  it  too far  from any surface  it  would reach  out  and try to touch something  to  use as a  base.   At  one  point it got  away  from  me and was running (  yes  running)  all  over  the living  room  furniture .  Yes,  it got lint  and fuzz on  itself.   My  friend  B  was  not  very  happy   with  me (  Now,  Beth  we  know  you’re excited about  your  new  pet  but ,  but  we can’t  have  it  running  all  over  the  furniture.)   Eventually  I  had to   return my  snail  to  the proper  environment.   which was  the tide  line  on  an  ocean  beach.   Yeah.   So  I  dreamt I  had  an amphibious,  salt loving  snail as a  pet.   that  could move  really  fast.

I  have  no  explanation

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