November 17, 2015 at 9:34 pm (Uncategorized)


I  grew  up  with  dogs. I  thought all  cats  were snobby  and  standoffish.   Over  the  years  I’ve  learned  that  isn’t  true.   And the variation of personalities – is  endless.   Tonight  we lost Nathaniel.   Our  miracle  boy .   2and  half to  3  years  ago – he  suddenly couldn’t  walk or see straight.  he saw a cancer specialist – – much  too  often  for  his  taste.   But  lived  and lived well.   he  purred  for  us,  ran to  the door when we got  home,  and yelled  at  us  for  not opening the  door  to  the  world  of  grass . he mauled  the evil  vets  as often  as possble.   he  was our  Jeckle  and hyde boy.

he  will  be  missed

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