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April 28, 2016 at 7:35 am (dream, Uncategorized)

Last  night  I  dreamed  I was asked to do a last  minute  presentation at  a  library convention.   It  was  about  Lilly  Sombodyor another  (  i   don’t  remember  her  last  name)   who  was  involved with a  number  of  surrealist writers and  a  Shakespearean actor.  I  was  doing  all kinds of  interesting  last  minute  research.   It  was until  about  10 minutes after I  woke  up  that I  realized that  my  brain had completely  made up  this  person

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diabetes ed

April 1, 2016 at 3:40 pm (chronic conditions, diabetes) (, )

I went to  a class for a condition I  have  had for  14  years.   I  expected to  be bored,  but I  felt validated instead. The science  word  was used .  so  here is  what I learned

1) Genetics.  yup,  that’s  the cause.   excess  fat- that’s  from  the body  not  knowing how to  deal  with  glucose. Validation.  It is  what I  have  read , what  the newer  research  shows,but  what  people want to  argue  with  me about.

2) once  there is a diagnosis – diet  and exercise  alone  won’t  work. Your  pancreas  is tired- medicine is  there to  help.   Some people  need  more  medications  than  others- it is body chemistry.  But  this is why   the lowering of number  for diagnosis for  prediabetes – it is to actually  help  you  stay  off  medication longer. This validated  my  experience with  food  and    gave  me  some information.

3) heat attacks, high blood  pressure, high blood sugar  etc,  are  now  all grouped  together known as  metabolic  syndrome


just sharing with  the class



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