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or may  I  please  have  some  more?

I  don’t  sleep  well.   I  think  at one point in my  life  I  did ,  but  somewhere it  stopped.   I  remember staring  out  my  window at  night,  especially  in  the summer.   I  know  that  once high school  hit  I  read  way  into  the  wee  hours  of  the  morning.  I  know  I  didn’t  sleep  much  in  college, or  in my  retail  years.

I don’t  sleep  much  now.   I  get about 4.5  hours  -give or  take .   ( according  to  my  fitbit,  which is  how  accurate? )

I  do not  have classic  insomnia.  I  fall  asleep  pretty easily.   I  just don’t  stay  asleep.  And  if  I  wake  up at  the wrong time– I’m  up for a  couple  of hours.

I’ve  tried  all  the good  sleep  habits, cool room  dark  room, quite room,  white  noise,consist  bedtime  , no  caffeine  after  noon,   tried  no  alcohol(  no  really ) ,etc.   I  even  took  Ambien  CR  for a  little.   – it  did  keep  me  asleep  but I  couldn’t  get  past  the grogginess

Recently   a  co-worker  mentioned The Power of When.   I  took  the  quiz here.  And Whee,  I am a  dolphin.  Which means I  don’t  sleep  well .   And maybe I don’t  need  the 7 to 8  hours  every  night.

Now, I’m  not going to  say  this book is Truth,but  there were some interesting  things.

  1. the book  said  I  should do something active  first  thing in  the morning,  to  get  my  blood  moving,  get  my  brain  started,etc.   About  a  year  ago- i  started  sweeping  the house  every morning partly  due  to  cats, but also – it  seemed to  help wake  me  up.  Now  it is talking about  something  more  vigorous,  but…
  2. it talked about  going to  bed later -and getting up  at bit earlier.   Shortening the time in  bed.   For  awhile,  I  was  going to bed  later.   It  seemed  to make sense,  and I  was not  waking up for  long periods of  time as  often.   But  I didn’t  have a really  thought  out  idea and I  still  thought I  should be  in bed for  8  hours.   This is  a  plan for  about 7  hours.   So  if wake  up  time is  between  7 nd  730 –  then  bed time is  between  1130  and 12.  the  books say  11- 630  ,  but 630  is  un likely.

Right now,  I am starting  with two  and hoping to add more to one.   There are  other things  to  do  and  try  – but  even a  little more  sleep  sounds  amazing.


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