I probably won’t remember all of the books I’ve read ….

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The magicians : a novel  Lev Grossman

Sorry  -not  great.   it  took a  long time  to  get  started.   not  magical.   not  a grown up  harry  potter.   but I might  read  the second one,  because I  was promised  it gets better.

Parasite  Mira  Grant

Symbiont Mira  Grant

I was going to  explain – but it is easier  to  say  she  has an amazing  story  telling ability  – In the midst of  a  big  giant world changing  event  – she is still telling the story  of  individuals -that  would be  interesting even  without  the disaster. Book 3 comes  out  November 24th.

The darkest part of the forest / by Holly Black

 I love  Holly Black.  Dark  fairy  tales  are  her specialty.  In  this  book, there is a town  that is on  the border of a  forest  where fairy  tales  are  real – all parts  of  them.   There  is  even a  glass  coffin  with a prince  in  it.   The relationship  between  the  town and forest has been  balanced,  but suddenly  more  of the evil  side  has  visible.   Then then coffin  breaks…   

The story of Owen : dragon slayer of Trondheim E. K. Johnston

Excellent.   Way  better  than  I  expected.   Current  time  period – but  with  added  dragons.


pretty  sure  I  read a few  more books,  but I  just  don’t  remember ….

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the Sweet Life

May 10, 2012 at 5:40 pm (book review, diabetes, food, Uncategorized) (, )

The sweet life : diabetes without boundaries / Sam Talbot

As  you  might  have guessed , I  have  been renewing my education  on  diabetes.   I  picked up  this  book because  it  is by  a  chef  who has  diagnosed with  diabetes as a  child.  I  thought he would be good  to  read because he would have a perspective  I might  relate to  – someone  with  diabetes  who  loves  food. And  then I  saw  the title on  one of  his recipes. Cchickpea and Cherry  frittata.  Seriously, it  has been  a long time since I have seen a recipe  that was completely  new to me.   I  had to see  this book.

Well, I  read it  quickly over  the last two  nights — and it  makes me sad  that I  don’t  have  the time to  cook  the way  I  used to. There is  that much  that  is interesting and new . 

I  also , for  the first  time really  understand  the difference between  type I  and type II diabetes.   They are related, but type  one is that much more  dangerous.  Talbot  keeps  pretty  tight control over  his diabetes , because  his  reactions are so  much  stronger than  the average  person  with  type II.   The  diet/exercise/testing/medication regime  is just  the way  he lives. I  think being a  chef may  have  helped him with his diabetes, because fresh food  and really  flavorful food  are just part of his life.   why  would he  eat inferior  food ?

One of  the difficulties  I  had with  the book was how much attention he paid to his diabetes. I don’t  know  anyone  that does  that But  then most of my  friends are type  II and even those of us  that had it longer are probably  still in  the adolescent  ( rebellious ) stage of  the disease. In other  words I  found  that part of it difficult to  relate to . He made some things sound easy  to do , when I  know  they  are not.

But I also  had  a problem with some of  the recipes — where do I  get – hemp  seeds , watermelon seeds, acai  berry  and Goji  berries?

It  was a quick  read  last  night, so it is possible  I  missed some stuff, but I do  hope  to  try some of  the recipes  and ideas.

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January 30, 2011 at 11:20 pm (book review) (, )

Salt takes place in a world ruled by the Company , with the aim of making money. Society is highly stratified. It is not our world, but it is not an unfamiliar world. Hari, from the Burrows, must save his father from the Deep Salt. Pearl, from the Company, must save her self from an unwanted marriage. When they meet, they have to save much more.

I found myself impatient when I read this book. Partly because I felt like I could see what was happening, but more because the tension kept mounting. The ending was very satisfying, and yet I am happy there is a second book. Which I must go order now.

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book list 3

January 26, 2011 at 2:42 pm (book review, fun) ()

We had a house concert last Saturday — so there was a ton and half of work to be done. Much lees reading time, but I did read two.

Blameless by Gail Carriger– happily the ending was not a cliff hanger , because book four isn’t out until June or july.

I also read The Candidates by Inara Scott. YA and sadly too YA for me to read the next book. the ending was really good , but it draggggeed . premise: girl who is pretty ordinary has a special power . Suddenly offer a scholarship to a great school , she doesn’t know why — but we do And we wait and wait and wait for it to be discovered. With all the additional teen age drama . Not a horrid book, but not a YA book for adults.

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June 23, 2010 at 2:33 pm (book review, books) (, , , )

This is not a horror novel. It is a novel of the near future ; a political thriller in a post-apocalyptic world.

In 2014, we cured the common cold and cancer. But in the process we created something terrible. Zombies.
Worse, it was ignored. Or under reported. It took the bloggers to bring the information to light.

Feed begins in 2039 , Zombies are a part of life. So is fear. But we still need news/information. and there is an upcoming election…

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February 21, 2010 at 7:23 pm (book review, books) (, , , , , )

A friend of mine is supporting her friend in a 24 book challenge. 24 books in a year is not a challenge for me , or my friend. My friend S has decide that her 24 have to be classics. I am not officially joining, but I thought I’d try to read 24 nonfiction books this year. I’m starting with The Vagina Monologues. Not a long book, really and easy read. But something that I have been curious about.

But to catch up on other books I’ve been reading. First Harlan Coben. I never read any of his books before , but he is an excellent suspense writer. I just finished the Tell No One. Twist, twist, twist with the final twist on the last three pages. I’ve read 4 book so far, and while I expect a twist, I can’t really predict the Twist.

And I’ve read two book by Deborah Grabien. Dark’s Tale, her first kids book , I read with my book club. The kids were thrilled to be reading a book that isn’t out yet and to meet the author. Reading the story of a cat abandoned in Golden Gate Park was interesting and entertaining. And of course, two days before book Club I had to avoid reading what I needed to read ,I read another book by Deb Still Life with Devils . A paranormal serial killer mystery. I really loved it and the end has the pace and the volume of a rock solo.

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