I probably won’t remember all of the books I’ve read ….

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The magicians : a novel  Lev Grossman

Sorry  -not  great.   it  took a  long time  to  get  started.   not  magical.   not  a grown up  harry  potter.   but I might  read  the second one,  because I  was promised  it gets better.

Parasite  Mira  Grant

Symbiont Mira  Grant

I was going to  explain – but it is easier  to  say  she  has an amazing  story  telling ability  – In the midst of  a  big  giant world changing  event  – she is still telling the story  of  individuals -that  would be  interesting even  without  the disaster. Book 3 comes  out  November 24th.

The darkest part of the forest / by Holly Black

 I love  Holly Black.  Dark  fairy  tales  are  her specialty.  In  this  book, there is a town  that is on  the border of a  forest  where fairy  tales  are  real – all parts  of  them.   There  is  even a  glass  coffin  with a prince  in  it.   The relationship  between  the  town and forest has been  balanced,  but suddenly  more  of the evil  side  has  visible.   Then then coffin  breaks…   

The story of Owen : dragon slayer of Trondheim E. K. Johnston

Excellent.   Way  better  than  I  expected.   Current  time  period – but  with  added  dragons.


pretty  sure  I  read a few  more books,  but I  just  don’t  remember ….

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more books

February 12, 2015 at 4:30 pm (books)

The  agency  1  : a  spy  in  the  house y.s. lee

From  afar  a  science fiction  mystery john  russell  fearn   –


In  the  woods Tara French  — good,  but  not   the  ending  we  wanted

The edge of the  earth  Christina Schwarz  woman  who  goes  to  live  with  her  husband in a  light  house in  Monterey – not  a happy  book but  good

The  drop  Michael Connelly  police  procedural

Dragonhaven  Robin  Mckinley Really  good  –  felt  very  real for  a  fantasy  novels

No Safety  in  Numbers Dayna  Lorentz  one  Saturday  everyone  gets  quarantined  in a  mall

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the listing of books

January 6, 2015 at 5:26 pm (books) (, , )

Last  year  was  the first  year I  didn’t  list  the books  I’ve  read  since  1998.  There were two  reasons for  this .  One,  I  was getting annoyed  when I  fell behind  and I wasn’t sure if I  remembered  everything.   Two, I  was getting competitive  with  myself over  the numbers.   I  was worried  about not  making better  numbers  than  the  year  before.   Crazycakes.   So last  year, I listed  nothing;  but  i  am going to  list  again.   I  can’t  remember  enough  of  what  I  read off  the top of  my  head.   I know  the Maisie Dobbs  series  was  one  I  started  this  year . (  really  good )  And  I  finished  the Agent Pendergast  series.   I also  know  I  read Devil in  the White  City – which lead  me to  read  more  non-fiction, most  notably  a  book  about Nellie  Bly’s  journey  around  the  world.

The plan  for this  year is to start listing again , but  not  worry   ( too  much  )  about  numbers or  100% accuracy.   and  without  further  ado – the first  two  book of 2015.

Both  of  these  books  were found as I  reviewed  the Teen  section at  the Library.

Dead reckoning  Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill  As  a  team , these  authors  have  done  a lot of  urban  fantasy.   this one is zombies and steampunk in  the old west – just after  the civil war.    fun

Rock ‘n’ roll in locker seventeen  Shannon Brown  This one  is about a boy  that has an obsession about a rock and roll star that vanished in 1964. So far it  has  been  fun, and not too  over the top  in any way.  Our main  character  seems  like any teenager trying to find  his way.   – looking forward to  finishing this at  dinner

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junk or gourmet?

August 13, 2013 at 8:59 pm (books) ()

I  was  reading a novel and the woman  in  the novel  lies.   Not  because  she  is  a spy in  the civil  war, not because it is  not  her  story, but  because  she is ashamed.  It is an historical  romance , and  what  she did  was considered disgraceful ,but  the hero  knows most  of  the story  anyway.  And it is going to  come out.  A  first,  I  thought  I  was  just  being me . I like  people  to  be  more  honest.   However, in  this case , it just feels like an  overly  -dramatic  piece of action  to  what  was a quiet  drama  of a marriage that was  supposed  to  grow  into  a  love  match.

So there is a  time  when I  would have  finished it  anyway.   I can’t  waste  my  time  now.  I  used to  think of  romance  novels  as candy.   Now,  I  want  them  to  be gourmet  candy. No  time  for  bad  candy, anymore.

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booklist 22

October 15, 2012 at 12:00 pm (books, Uncategorized) ()

The Prophet (  graveyard  Queen) Amanda  Stevens (klb)  3rd in  the series – not  a great place to  start – gothic,ghosts, New Orleans, mystery.   It  was  good,  but starting in  the middle  wasn’t wonderful.   not  sure  if  I  will go  back  and read  the first ones. this is becoming an annoying problem – I  need a blurb at the beginning of  each ebook – so I don’t  read in  the middle  of  the series  first.

  Rex  Libris James  Turner (lb)   Graphic  Novel.   our  square jawed , square-bodied  librarian  take on  ignorance  and darkness while tracking down  overdue library  books all over  the universe.  Fun

Battlefield J. F. Jenkins (KLB) YA  3 unlikely  teens have powers that help  them fight a battle among  aliens  that  have chosen earth as  their  next battlefield.   compelling  ,interesting characters, enough  well placed  twist – most of  which I’ve seen coming.  some stiff dialog – but mostly  between  the aliens – so  maybe  it  is on purpose.

10th  anniversary  Jame Patterson ( lb) 10th  in  the women’s  murder club.  quite enjoyable.  and once  I  started  reading it – it  made  no difference that  it was a  real book rather  than a kindle  format – I  just  have to  remember to bring it  back.

control J.  F.  Jenkins(KB)  2nd in  the series.  I  had to  buy  this one because it  was not in kindle format at  the library (?!) . Good,  but I’m not  ready  to look for  the third in  the series (  which  might not  exsist  yet)

The Melancholy  of Haruchi  Suzumiya Nagaru Tanigawa(lb) YA  not sure I  can  explain  this one . Told from  the view of  a 15 yr old  boy ( which  is  important) .  really  fun.  very  bizzare,and parts of it I  found highly  offensive but  that  sort of gets explained so  I  can deal  with  it.   Sort of.  !st in a series

6  so  far  for  October

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booklist 17

July 14, 2012 at 7:56 pm (books) ()

Bedding  Lord  Ned Sally  Mackenize kindle  library  good  romance

the  duchess  of  love  Sally  Mckenzie kindle  library  book  good  romance  prequel  to  the one  above

To  love  a witch Debora  Geary more  happy  witch  family –  short  book –

President  Jock  ,  vice  president  Geek Scott  william   carter  Free Kindle  YA   Geek  girl  and  Jock  boy get  together  to  improve chances  of  getting into  college,  but  a  lot  more  happens

Hollowland  Amanda  Hoking kindle  free – Zombie  –  quite  good ,  had some of  the clichés,  but slid  quickly through  them, good  enough that i  instantly  bought  the next  book Hollowmen   Amanda  Hoking

the  Gift  James  Patterson library  book  – good  part  two,  but  I  wasn’t  sure  until about  halfway  through

Murder  half  baked  Kathleen  Delaney  kindle  free good  mystery

8 so far  for  July 85 for the year

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