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April 28, 2016 at 7:35 am (dream, Uncategorized)

Last  night  I  dreamed  I was asked to do a last  minute  presentation at  a  library convention.   It  was  about  Lilly  Sombodyor another  (  i   don’t  remember  her  last  name)   who  was  involved with a  number  of  surrealist writers and  a  Shakespearean actor.  I  was  doing  all kinds of  interesting  last  minute  research.   It  was until  about  10 minutes after I  woke  up  that I  realized that  my  brain had completely  made up  this  person

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The Strain

July 25, 2009 at 9:48 am (book review, books, domestic life, dream, home improvement) (, , )

I finished The Strain last night. If you haven’t heard of it, It is a vampire horror novel, The first of trilogy. In this case , vampires are a virus and our hero is a doctor for the CDC. It is very gory and really is a horror novel. But it wasn’t the best horro novel I’ve ever read. It did, however; give me nightmare. The worst ws this morning. ( I was trying to save the city , caulking windows with zip pens, but ran out before I could finish the job. I woke up in utter despair) , but that wasn’t the bad part. For most of the night I dreamed that the building of our patio was somehow critical in the fight of good vs evil.

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Nile nusery — update

July 22, 2009 at 11:22 am (domestic life, dream, fun, garden, niles) (, , )

A while ago I wrote a bit about the history of the Niles nursery. It has been part of the landscape around here, because the local owners of the nursery are going out of business. What to do with that space is on everyone’s minds. Happily, it is in a park — so it won’t become housing. Or a major commercial enterprise. It can’t without an act of congress. while there is one commercial Nursery that we would love to come in, there is another group. A non- profit group would like to have some combined use of the space — agricultural education, community gardens , garden co-op, demonstration gardens for landscapers, etc. It is really quite exciting. However part of me was listening and thinking more projects….

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If only

May 6, 2009 at 9:25 pm (dream, music)

A billion and three years ago I played the flute. Now, I ‘m not saying I ever had musical talent , but if only I had known how t make the flute do this, I might have never quit:

You know, one or two Times when I was practicing , I just touched how far you can push a flute. It just doesn’t have to be a dainty instrument

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Strange Dream

January 20, 2009 at 7:45 am (dream)

My sister J has a tattoo of a butterfly in a bamboo forest. Last night I dreamed that I was talking with both of my sisters and K and I decided we needed tattoos too. I was planning 5 small ladybugs , 3 or my right ankle,1 on my right wrist and one on my left shoulder. Oddest part of my dream — Michelle Obama kept showing up in the background.

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dimensioning floor boards

June 2, 2008 at 5:53 pm (domestic life, dream, fun, home improvement) (, , )

So Saturday we started work on dimensioning our floor boards . Let me explain . We have a kitchen and dinning room that are carpeted. Carpet in the kitchen is evil. We knew it had to be replaced. Last fall we purchased 13 feet of a black acacia trunk. ( highly figured wood, the mainland version of koa). The tree guy cut it up into rough boards . We milled the wood so it became slightly less rough boards of 6 feet in length, 3 – 4 inches in width ,and about an inch in depth. Then the wood sat in our dinning area for about 6- 7 months.

Saturday we sent all the boards for through the planer – bringing everything down to under an inch. ( I forgotten the actual measurement). And maybe a quarter of it went through the thickness sander. The boards are starting to look more like lumber instead of tree parts. closer to  floor

DH is very careful – so we both have hearing protection and masks. Mine is pretty major, so I don’t aggravate my allergies/asthma. There are no pictures of AlienBeth, thank you very much . Word of advice: don’t tell your wife she sounds like Darth Vader or that you think her ( dust) goatee is really cute. I promise you, she will want to kick you.

good idea

When doing a project like this , you have to invent the process as you go along. There are all the signals you use, because you can’t hear. And which tool should be used when? Nothing we read anywhere would have suggested putting the garden wheelbarrow under the planer, but it worked great for us. Most of the chips dropped into the cart and we just wheeled the chips off to the ‘compost pile’. Because we were milling so much wood, and everything just happened to be the right height this worked really well for us.

People have started asking if this project is worth it. Dollars and Cents – sure. Even though we have spent money on tools, we would have probably bought them at some point anyway. So we could have easily spent much more money on a less unique laminate flooring. Time wise? Well, you gotta like doing these kinds of projects. The floor will be unique – and made by us. Both DH and I were history majors and we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about putting a floor in without power tools. Make you appreciate your older floors.

One bonus I am hoping for, an improvement in our physical beings. We have to work during the week, just not on the weekends if we want to finish this by the end of summer.

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