Goal 1000

March 24, 2015 at 1:05 pm (exercise, fitness) ()

I  joined  this challenge on  3/21/15   the Goal – walk/hike/run  1000 miles  between  now  and  winter  9 dollars  and  half  the fee  goes  to  make a  wish.  If  an  individual  is doing it  this means 3.26 (? I’ve  forgotten the exact  number ) a  day.   something like  25 miles  a week.

some people  are  doing  this as teams so  they  are able to  split  the mileage, i  am  doing this  as  an individual .

It  has  been  exciting to  see people  take  up  the challenge.  Long  hikes,  short  walks  , and runs of all  lengths.  but….

There  has been a lot of  hoopla  about ‘intentional’ (  meaning exercise )  vs walking around miles.

here is  why  I  joined:

1) the  person who  brought  it too my  attention  has  been  working really  had to  improve  his level of fitness.

2)  i have diabetes  and  the very  best  thing you  can  do  for diabetes is – move  the big  muscles.

3)  A big  goal  is a kind  of  fun .   Long  term  challenges give  you  room  to  form  habits ,  and  deal  with  real  life  events  like – getting sick  or  busy  lives  or….

So  I  am  counting every step I  take.  I   should  reach this goal without any  serious  problems.  5 days  a  week – I  walk  over  3  miles  a  day.   Only  two  days  a  week  do  I  have to  work on  walking.   good  for  me.

If  you  are a  runner,a hiker  or  distance  walker  the real challenge  might be  to  do  it  without  counting  you walking around  steps.  good  for  you.   I’d  like  to  be  there  some day.   When  I  trained for  the SGK  walk,  I  might have  been  there.   Not  now.

Why  I  think  walking around  steps count (  for  me )  .   There  are studies  out that  suggest  no  matter  how much  you  work  out  – sitting for  long periods  of  time is  not  good  for  you.   As  a  kid – I  read  that  our  bodies are  mostly  water.   As  an adult  – I  knew  what  happened to  water if  it  sat  still too long.   Very  very  gradually  I  went  from being a  couch  potato  to  someone who has  a  hard  time  sitting still too long .  But  sometimes  I  still have to  remember to   move.

I  do  have  some  secret  goals — I’d  like to  get  to 1500  miles.   and  maybe  next  year   not  have to  count  my  walking around  miles . However, I need to get  to  1000  miles  first.

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final thoughts on squats

May 24, 2013 at 2:15 pm (fitness) ()

so I finished the 30 day squat challenge with a rousing 250 squats yesterday . I did it because – someone suggested it; overall it didn’t look hard and it was a short time. and I was curious – would there be any results in 30 days.

Results: there is a lot more muscle in my thighs. I don’t really know if it is visible, but I can feel it. Also, my lower back is not cranky.

What I learned: most people who spend part of their day on their feet can do 50 squats. I know because I made people try it. So in my completely non-scientific study if you work in a library -I bet you can. However, 250 squats not a good number. The challenge moved too fast for that to be a sane number. I can do 100 good squats. I can’t do 250 good squats. Maybe someday, but I need to work up more slowly.

current plan: 100 squats most days. When I do it in the morning, it works to help wake me up. I’m guessing Thursdays ( late Wednesday nights) and Saturday ( early morning work) will be squat squat days. And I’ll look for something to add.

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Why haven’t you?

April 12, 2013 at 6:21 pm (asthma, chronic conditions, diabetes, fitness, food) ()

I have a friend that is a weight loss coach . She is good at it and I have a lot of respect for her and the job she does. Today she asked  the question  ( to a general audience ) why haven’t you lost weight?

It got me thinking…and I figured it out . It is not lack of knowledge. I’ve been interested in food and nutrition since I was 12 years old. It is not lack of discipline. You don’t train to walk 60 miles without a good level of discipline.

It is a matter of brain space.

Some brain space is always occupied by my health. Two chronic conditions. I’m either trying to manage them so they don’t affect my life or I’m trying to manage the effects they are having on my life. ( go find protein, I need to eat a veggie, did I take my drugs?, go for a walk, if I pull weeds will my asthma kick in )

work brain space. I am only at work for 37.5 hours a week , but like most people who enjoy their work – I spend a lot of time thinking about work. ( that would make a great teen program, I should post about that , what should I put on the FB page today, how long has it  been since I  reviewed a book)

household management. most of the day-to-day stuff is mine so there  are constant list going through my brain . ( need cat food, garbage day, what can we do for dinner tonight)

and most of that is going on in the background. I’m not sure I have enough processor power to add one more background program in my life. (  and I really  don’t  want to )  It obviously fits in with the health, but it is going up a level. Partly because when I get hungry , zombies have nothing on me.

So ,  there is today’s  answer.

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thoughts on exercise

February 25, 2013 at 6:20 pm (fitness, fun) ()

So  yesterday  I  walked down  town , twice.  This  means 3+ to  4 miles of walking.  yay! good for me!  but that is not what  was interesting. It  was  how I  felt.  The first  walk  was , ok.  but it was before coffe  and food – so not great.  the walk  home – was  hard – due to  too much food  and too many  bruch  drinks.  The  third  walk – back downtown,  was annoying – too effortful.   The walk  home – walk number  4  ,  was Great.

I’ve  always  known  that I  get  stiff easily.   Heck,  that  is part of  why I  sweep  my  floors  every morning- it loosens  me  up.  I think I  have  been  moving so  little – that it took  over  three miles to  loosen up.  The  rest  in between  gave my body   a chance to  get  used to  the idea  of moving, but  they  were  close  enough  in time  that I  didn’t  get  stiff.

Have  you  ever heard the ideas – just  take  the stairs or park  further out … well I  know  why  that idea hasn’t woked for  me  in  the past.  that isn’t  enough  to bring me to  the next level.  I  do  think I  need to get to  at least  15 minutes  almost  every day,  but I  don’t  think  that  will happen  with out a little bit  of  push.  the concept of  feeling better after  moving is going to  take a bit.


And I  think that is the key to  exercise- or  more  movement  if  you  will. Not ignoreing you  body,  but exploring and seeing  how  you  feel.  Learing what  makes  sense  for  you  .

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resolution -part lll

February 21, 2013 at 10:24 pm (fitness, fun, resolution)

made it  to  goal  two.   more exersize  , but  not  enough.   So next  goal is all exercise .   15  min of  biking , walking, gardening  1s 1 point.   yes  I  can  earn  more  than 1 point a day .   Goal:  20 pts  reward:  Avengers  DVD


ETA: exercise  It sounds like it  should  have a z


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August 19, 2011 at 11:24 am (fitness, fun, walking) (, , )

That is  where I am now.  Last  weekend  of  big  walks until THE WALK.   I  feel  like I can  do  it  now ( but no I’m  not packed  yet ), and I am  mentally  prepared.  It is  sort of  constantly  hovering in my  mind. I’m  making list in my  brain and checking  things  off.  making decisions. Planning all my  next  steps, so  on  the day  of  the walk ( which  starts  at  an  hour when I can’t  even  see  yet ) I just  have to walk .  ( or as  al  the promo and safety  videos  say ‘walk  and pee’ ) .

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