What not to eat.

October 21, 2014 at 1:53 pm (food) (, )

I’ve  seen  a few  lists on  the internet and I  have Opinions.  Here are my  thoughts.  Sadly, I  am  not  in charge  of  the world, or a nutritionist,  or a  scientist; so  my  opinion  only  counts if  you  want  it to count.   I  don’t  really  care  what  you  eat.   Yes,  you  can  complain about  you  weight and  eat  ice cream.   Just  don’t  do  it  at  the same time,  enjoy  you ice cream.

1)  Fast  food.

I’ve  eaten  fast food  2x in  the last 3- 6  years.  most of it isn’t  that  tasty.   And it is gigantic  amounts  of calories  that  are  not  really  balanced in  the  nutritional  sense.  and I  swear  there is something in  the food  that makes  you  crave  it It  is odd   that  the more  you  eat  it  the more  you  want it.

2)  Over-processed  food.

the  definition of  processed – is  sort of interesting – because  chopping  up  a veggie is processing  it.  So  lets  just  say  stuff  that is very  shelf stable  because  it  has lots  of  extra  stuff in  it.   Or  added colors.   or  neon  colors. I’ve  read a bunch of  articles  that  suggest preservatives and some of  the other food additives  cause inflammation. Asthma,  diabetes, and heart disease  all have inflammation . Yes  I  eat  Doritos  and Pringles – but   don’t think  I  should.

3)  added  sugar.

I’m  not  talking  cakes  and pies  and cookies – you  know what  they  are.   but peanut butter  and beans?   they  don’t  need  it.  Cutting  out  added  sugars – will , over  time ,  reduce  your sweet  tooth.

4)  artificial  sweeteners.

They  taste  bad.   And the research  on them  puts  all kinds of  things  like – messing with your glucose  levels,  inflammation, and cancer.   And even  if  they  didn’t  do  anything – they can increase  your  desire for  sugar.

5)  things  you  don’t  like.

Seriously, If  you  are not a veggie  eater, find a  few to eat  and add some fruit. Throw  some chopped  spinach in your spaghetti sauce.   Be  a grown  up  and figure  out  how to  get some nutrition in  your  diet

but if you  hate  Kale-  don’t  eat  it.   Those  really  sad  danishes from  the grocery  store – that aren’t  really  good , don’t  eat  them.   don’t  like  beef  , don’t  eat  it.   Eating food  you  don’t  like can  lead to  overeating because  you  aren’t  satisfied and  sometimes if  you  don’t  really  like something your body  is  saying something .

What  should  you  eat?   Good,  tasty  food.  Prepared with  care , not  corporation.  Organic   when  you  can.  As  close to  a  natural  state as  makes  sense.  and always  with  enjoyment.

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cucumber martinis ( all mom’s fault)

July 14, 2013 at 7:08 pm (drinks, food) ()

No ,  really.   she  started  me  thinking about  them…

so  I took  a  bunch of  cucumbers  and  ran  them in the  blender  with  the juice  of  a  lemon and  a  pinch of salt.

I strained  the juice (  I’ll  use  the  pulp  for  taziki ) and  added to  pinches  of sugar  to  balance  everything.   We  did a  little  taste  testing  and decided 1 part  gin to two  part  juice.   Yes,  you  could  do  vodka,  but gin  added t o  the flavor – which , in  this  case,  is  very important.    Chill.

When  ready to  serve – pour  in  a  glass  top  with sparkling  water.

Very  refreshing,  not  sweet.

my  understanding  is  that vodka cucumber  martinis   are  made  with  simple  syrup.   this  was  actually  really  good,  and just  juice  cut  with seltzer  might  have  been  really  good.   If  I  had  any cucumbers left….

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Why haven’t you?

April 12, 2013 at 6:21 pm (asthma, chronic conditions, diabetes, fitness, food) ()

I have a friend that is a weight loss coach . She is good at it and I have a lot of respect for her and the job she does. Today she asked  the question  ( to a general audience ) why haven’t you lost weight?

It got me thinking…and I figured it out . It is not lack of knowledge. I’ve been interested in food and nutrition since I was 12 years old. It is not lack of discipline. You don’t train to walk 60 miles without a good level of discipline.

It is a matter of brain space.

Some brain space is always occupied by my health. Two chronic conditions. I’m either trying to manage them so they don’t affect my life or I’m trying to manage the effects they are having on my life. ( go find protein, I need to eat a veggie, did I take my drugs?, go for a walk, if I pull weeds will my asthma kick in )

work brain space. I am only at work for 37.5 hours a week , but like most people who enjoy their work – I spend a lot of time thinking about work. ( that would make a great teen program, I should post about that , what should I put on the FB page today, how long has it  been since I  reviewed a book)

household management. most of the day-to-day stuff is mine so there  are constant list going through my brain . ( need cat food, garbage day, what can we do for dinner tonight)

and most of that is going on in the background. I’m not sure I have enough processor power to add one more background program in my life. (  and I really  don’t  want to )  It obviously fits in with the health, but it is going up a level. Partly because when I get hungry , zombies have nothing on me.

So ,  there is today’s  answer.

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foods I don’t eat

November 30, 2012 at 8:04 pm (chronic conditions, diabetes, food)


sorry, my  fault they  won’t exsits  soon.  but I didn’t  like them as a kid.

green  olives  with pimento

Over time I’ve  grown  to  like green  olives,  but still don’t  like ’em stuffed with pimento.

artificial  sweetners.

I  don’t like  the taste of  them.   I’ve  even  learned to  drink Ice tea  without  sweetner. occassionaly  I  have a diet  soda or crystal light  lemonade, but really, I’d  rather  not.

fat free  sour  cream

It  tastes  funny – nothing  like  real  sour  cream

fat  free  half and half

I  have no idea  how  this is even possible.

light butter /light margerine /fat  free cheese.  

I had some of  these  that  don’t  melt.  Scary.

So what is  this all about?   Blood  sugars  not  good.  Neither  is  weight ( clothes aren’t  fitting well ) and  I  really  like to  eat. SoI’m  just trying to  remember  there are  very  few foods I  dion’t like.   Variety is avalible , so  eating less of some things  does not have to be painful.   Also, no matter what advice I  get  from  books or well meaning  friends- the first  rule of food  for me is Never eat anything  you  don’t  like. It only  makes me look  for  something better  tasting.

Of  course,  there are those foods  that dont like at all

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the Sweet Life

May 10, 2012 at 5:40 pm (book review, diabetes, food, Uncategorized) (, )

The sweet life : diabetes without boundaries / Sam Talbot

As  you  might  have guessed , I  have  been renewing my education  on  diabetes.   I  picked up  this  book because  it  is by  a  chef  who has  diagnosed with  diabetes as a  child.  I  thought he would be good  to  read because he would have a perspective  I might  relate to  – someone  with  diabetes  who  loves  food. And  then I  saw  the title on  one of  his recipes. Cchickpea and Cherry  frittata.  Seriously, it  has been  a long time since I have seen a recipe  that was completely  new to me.   I  had to see  this book.

Well, I  read it  quickly over  the last two  nights — and it  makes me sad  that I  don’t  have  the time to  cook  the way  I  used to. There is  that much  that  is interesting and new . 

I  also , for  the first  time really  understand  the difference between  type I  and type II diabetes.   They are related, but type  one is that much more  dangerous.  Talbot  keeps  pretty  tight control over  his diabetes , because  his  reactions are so  much  stronger than  the average  person  with  type II.   The  diet/exercise/testing/medication regime  is just  the way  he lives. I  think being a  chef may  have  helped him with his diabetes, because fresh food  and really  flavorful food  are just part of his life.   why  would he  eat inferior  food ?

One of  the difficulties  I  had with  the book was how much attention he paid to his diabetes. I don’t  know  anyone  that does  that But  then most of my  friends are type  II and even those of us  that had it longer are probably  still in  the adolescent  ( rebellious ) stage of  the disease. In other  words I  found  that part of it difficult to  relate to . He made some things sound easy  to do , when I  know  they  are not.

But I also  had  a problem with some of  the recipes — where do I  get – hemp  seeds , watermelon seeds, acai  berry  and Goji  berries?

It  was a quick  read  last  night, so it is possible  I  missed some stuff, but I do  hope  to  try some of  the recipes  and ideas.

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Chronic conditions

May 7, 2012 at 4:55 pm (asthma, chronic conditions, diabetes, food)

So , with chronic conditions you have to constantly change in order to keep up with them. last week I would have smacked somebody for stating that – because I am in a readjustment stage.

My diabetes numbers just aren’t where they should be . (BTW – don’t push the issues of testing with your friend with diabetes – testing can be discouraging and most of us go through times – sometimes long times without testing) So new meds. and testing to regularly to get them adjusted. But it is never that simple.

It is allergy season that means extra asthma meds – and my emergency inhaler make my blood sugar rise. A lot. however, breathing works better than not breathing.

And it looks like my food choices need changing. Now I’ve been thinking about it – but for someone who has read so much , it is still hard. In fact, I have two conflicting books looking at me. one vegetarian .One paleo. But the area where they both meet is — goodbye to overly processed food.

So why do we have a candy bar at work today?

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