thoughts on exercise

February 25, 2013 at 6:20 pm (fitness, fun) ()

So  yesterday  I  walked down  town , twice.  This  means 3+ to  4 miles of walking.  yay! good for me!  but that is not what  was interesting. It  was  how I  felt.  The first  walk  was , ok.  but it was before coffe  and food – so not great.  the walk  home – was  hard – due to  too much food  and too many  bruch  drinks.  The  third  walk – back downtown,  was annoying – too effortful.   The walk  home – walk number  4  ,  was Great.

I’ve  always  known  that I  get  stiff easily.   Heck,  that  is part of  why I  sweep  my  floors  every morning- it loosens  me  up.  I think I  have  been  moving so  little – that it took  over  three miles to  loosen up.  The  rest  in between  gave my body   a chance to  get  used to  the idea  of moving, but  they  were  close  enough  in time  that I  didn’t  get  stiff.

Have  you  ever heard the ideas – just  take  the stairs or park  further out … well I  know  why  that idea hasn’t woked for  me  in  the past.  that isn’t  enough  to bring me to  the next level.  I  do  think I  need to get to  at least  15 minutes  almost  every day,  but I  don’t  think  that  will happen  with out a little bit  of  push.  the concept of  feeling better after  moving is going to  take a bit.


And I  think that is the key to  exercise- or  more  movement  if  you  will. Not ignoreing you  body,  but exploring and seeing  how  you  feel.  Learing what  makes  sense  for  you  .

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resolution -part lll

February 21, 2013 at 10:24 pm (fitness, fun, resolution)

made it  to  goal  two.   more exersize  , but  not  enough.   So next  goal is all exercise .   15  min of  biking , walking, gardening  1s 1 point.   yes  I  can  earn  more  than 1 point a day .   Goal:  20 pts  reward:  Avengers  DVD


ETA: exercise  It sounds like it  should  have a z


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3/50 project

November 20, 2011 at 9:55 am (domestic life, food, fun, niles, politics) (, , , , , , , , , )

So It is all about local business . It turns out that for every 100.00 spent in a local independent store 68.00 comes back to the community – only 43.00 if you spend it in a chain and well, nothing if it is online. ( there are some intersting exeptions to this)

The project info can be found here. it looks like brick and motar counts in the project because of commercial property tax. What this site is asking you to do is think of 3 independent brick and motar business and commit to spending 50.00 dollars out of you budget at them – instead of at a chain.

I have a few quibbles with this. But only because it doesn’t count a home based business like Pamela’s Soap or an online delivery business like Nile Pie . However , because they don’t have commercial property taxes – they don’t fit the model. But if you read through the 3/50 project site – they aren’t against such business – they just don’t fit the strict model.

Now I actually do spend at money at local business. the big grocery stores, clothing stores, and hardware stores that I use are chains. Sadly, book buying is mostly on line – but if I am near a bookstore – I buy.

I’ve read a few post about not buying for the holidays – but I think supporting the local independent businesses is a better idea.

So some local favorites:

Corrie Glass
Mr Mikey’s – hey i just found out they deliver!
th e Vine in Niles
the Nile Cafe
Bronco Billy’s ( small local chain)
kiowa rose
Picnic sandwich bistro

I’m  wondering  if  I  can  make  a bigger  list,  by  thinking  about it a  little  more

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August 19, 2011 at 11:24 am (fitness, fun, walking) (, , )

That is  where I am now.  Last  weekend  of  big  walks until THE WALK.   I  feel  like I can  do  it  now ( but no I’m  not packed  yet ), and I am  mentally  prepared.  It is  sort of  constantly  hovering in my  mind. I’m  making list in my  brain and checking  things  off.  making decisions. Planning all my  next  steps, so  on  the day  of  the walk ( which  starts  at  an  hour when I can’t  even  see  yet ) I just  have to walk .  ( or as  al  the promo and safety  videos  say ‘walk  and pee’ ) .

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had to put it somewhere

April 13, 2011 at 4:14 pm (art, fun) (, )

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this weeks workout

March 30, 2011 at 10:56 am (fitness, fun) ()

So  last week  I walked a little  over  14  miles – 10 or so  on  the elliptical.  Which is like walking  10  uphill.  I  was  really  tired  last  Saturday,  but I  don’t  know if  it  was  just  from  a  short  night’s  sleep.  Or  the  exercise.

sunday  we  went out  on  the  bikes,  much  easier  than  usual. – so  that  is  a  big  plus.   But  my shoulders  really  hurt –  I  guess that means I  should get  the  weights  out. 

So  far   about  6  miles  this  week   and Tuesday  was  much  faster  despite  needing  my  inhaler.   Tomorrow  should be  Very  interesting  I  am  planing  on  walking to  and  from  work. 6 miles  in  total ,  and I  am  wondering if  I  will want a  nap  on  friday.

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