I’m reading a book!

February 4, 2011 at 1:33 pm (books, music) ()

love this so much that I had to repost here , so I can watch it over and over


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June 28, 2010 at 4:13 pm (fun, music, niles) ()

Wooster played this sunday in the Niles plazza. I’ve grown very attached to this song:

But just as an FYI , the drummer lives in Niles — and he’s good. Oddly, I had no pictures of him yesterday. He is a great drummer

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Pictures around Niles

March 7, 2010 at 10:26 pm (art, fun, music, niles) (, , , )

This seems  to  be  my  latest thing.  I  go  to events ,  and  end  up  staying  longer  than  planned.  So  to  keep  myself  amused , I  take  photos. Today  there  was an art  show at  the  Niles  Gallery. the  niles  Gallery  is a  framing shop,  but  they have  shows as well.  Today’s  opening was for a show of  works  with the  theme  of  Niles . It  was good,  with a number  of  artists I  had not  seen  before.   But  is  was a  small  show.   I  planned on stay  for  half an  hour,  maybe  an  hour.   I  didn’t know  that  DH  was  playing,  so I  took  pictures. Not so much of the show , but around niles.

DH playing:

an olive tree:


and wheels:

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LA weekend

January 27, 2010 at 11:40 am (domestic life, food, fun, music, social networking) (, , )

It  was a very  busy  social  weekend  for  us. Some  friends  of ours were  married in Maui  and  had  their reception  this  past  weekend.  But  also it   a good trip  away  from  the everyday,  which  we  really  needed.

Things  I learned  about LA  this weekend:

Despite  the traffic,  most  of LA  seems to  have fairly courteous    drivers.

It  really is quite  beautiful in  LA

Despite being  the place for  beautiful  people,  there is  a whole bunch of places  where  you  can  get really  good, less than  healthy  food.  I’m  thinking Pinks ,  which has  great hotdogs. Or Roscoe’s.  Or  In  and  Out Burger. 

Things  I  knew , but love  having reenforced.  My  Buffy  people are great.  Smart, lively , fun   and  tolerant .  Good  People to hang  with .  Turns out the other  friends  we  met — Which  were some of DH’s online  tribe –  the same.

Finally, it  was great to go to a  guitar store, hear  my DH  play  and have  strangers – that  had  no  need or reason other than appreciation — say  good  things about my DH’s playing.

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January 4, 2010 at 2:45 pm (domestic life, fun, music) ()

My new friend  E  turned  50  this  year( 2009). And  she  declared it  her  year.  On  her  birthday  she  filled  her  house with sand  , so  she  could have a  beach  party ( Yes,  it  sounds  crazy  but they are redoing  all the floors– so  not  a bad  time to  have  some  fun).   Her  family  had  more  fun  with the sand than they  thought  they  would – so  it  stayed for  6  months.

so  here are  the things I know E  did for  her year:

had a big  wild beach party

took  her  house  from  traditional to tropical

brought  tons  of  music into her  house

Went  back to  school

What a great  year!

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Essanay Cafe Open Mike

December 19, 2009 at 6:16 pm (fun, music, niles) (, , , )

I don’t  know if  anyone has put up any videos from  the Open  Mike,  but here is one taken on a new tiny  video  camera (  Kodak Z x 1) .  This is David, one of  the owners playing The Wild Rover :

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