resolution -part lll

February 21, 2013 at 10:24 pm (fitness, fun, resolution)

made it  to  goal  two.   more exersize  , but  not  enough.   So next  goal is all exercise .   15  min of  biking , walking, gardening  1s 1 point.   yes  I  can  earn  more  than 1 point a day .   Goal:  20 pts  reward:  Avengers  DVD


ETA: exercise  It sounds like it  should  have a z


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So if I was going to do it over….

August 1, 2011 at 6:41 am (diabetes, fitness, resolution, walking) ()

The walk is not until September 9th , so I am not finished with my training . But I have a few thoughts on how I would do things differently. Mostly , I would train for a longer period of time.

Things felt reasonable up until 12 miles. , But now the training feels a little pushed to me. I think I would have liked to spent a little longer walking 12 miles. Mostly because yesterday was the first time 13 seemed pretty good – even though I did not want to walk at all (I did 17). I think if I had more time at 12 /13 miles I would be faster. ( Seriously, it took me all day to walk 17 miles ) and I might be able to train my body to use stored food better. Right now I need to eat all the time in order not to crash. This makes sense – diabetes is a metabolic disorder – the body is not efficient in using food. I will probably always eat more than the non-diabetic when doing extreme activities, but I believe it could be more efficient.

So I have been having thoughts about the future. I really don’t want to lose what I’ve gained. I want 8 miles of walking to stay easy. I wouldn’t mind being faster ( no I do not want to run ) . I need to get back some flexibility . ( I never had much – and I’ve lost some of what little I had walking ) I’m trying to come up with a combination of walking and yoga – flexible enough that I can get back some time for reading, hanging with my DH and other social stuff – but rigid enough that I can’t skip by saying – oh I’ll do something tomorrow . Because, while I have discovered that it is a myth that missing a work out sets you back a step – and that missing a week can actually be good for you – I want missing a work out to be because I am missing it , not just putting it off.

I started off talking about if I could redo – and ended up with a plan for the future … I guess that is one of the points of looking back.

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Active for Life

May 19, 2009 at 5:40 pm (chronic conditions, domestic life, fun, library, resolution) (, )

I work for the County , and the county has just rejoined the Active for life program. It is set up to encourage people to become more active, and to recognize when they make better life style choices. In 2007, I did it and made 122% of my goal.

The idea is the you set up a goal X amount of activity 5 days a week. Two years ago I had a goal of 30 minutes. Which was easy for me to reach. Even when I was sick, I had plenty of time to make up for missed minutes. Plus I earned a bunch of bonus points for eating fruits and veggies, and drinking water. This year I am aiming for 60 minutes 5 days a week — but my real goal is to hit 122% of my goal again.

This is a 10 week program, which is just long enough. I don’t get tired of counting points, and I did establish some habits that stuck around for awhile. The library also ‘competes’ as a team. I feel just the tinest bit of pressure to not let my team down. Just enough to push me off the couch.

I work regularly at two of the smaller branches of the the library . Three at one branch will be involved, and maybe one other at the second.
Let us hope for a successful group.

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Plans and habits

February 23, 2008 at 3:18 pm (domestic life, resolution) (, , )

Today  I had  my first lesson on using the drill press.  It  was a good tool to learn  how o use , because it was pretty simple and not terribly  dangerous.  DH has  about 2barrels worth of Oak staves in the garage  so we are making lots of candelabras  like the one I  mentioned earlier. Anyway, part of  my plans for the year are moving forward.

Sadly, the office and guest room are not much improved.  I do  have  two small jobs in the guest room on my list of things to do this  week.  And as for  putting clothes away, well, it might take the whole year to improve this practice

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January time

January 9, 2008 at 3:29 pm (domestic life, resolution) (, , )

Today I had a plan , not a big plan, but it started with the idea that I would be home from the coffee shop by 10am. Today, however, seems to have its own time. I spent the extra hour talking  with a friend about his plans for 2008 and in the process,he realized how much he really had done over the last year.

January is a hard time for a lot of people. All the push and bustle of the holidays is over; all the day to day worries are back. But if you don’t fight January, and just look forward to the new year, the Christmas decorations will get put away and the beef stew will be made even if you start an hour later than planned

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Plans for the new year

January 1, 2008 at 4:10 pm (domestic life, resolution)

Like I said before, I’m not really into the word resolution, but I have a few plans that are house related for the new year. After the plans  I will list hopes for the house for the new year.

1. We will be putting in a new floor in our kitchen/dinning room floor. As much as I love winning the worst kitchen in the world contest, ( old carpet on the kitchen floor wins every time), It is time to improve. We have a stack of boards that we made from a black acacia tree sitting in our dinning room. We will also be stripping the carpet out o f the hall way. I know the floor will happen. But the plan for me is learn to use some of the power tools, like the table saw and/or the band saw.

2 Organize the office and spare room/music room. I started these projects last year, but never finished them A number of things would be easier to do and even make decisions about if I could increase the flexibility of our house. Like painting our bedroom would be easier if I had a place to move the furniture and sleep while that was going on

H opes for the house next year: Paint the bedroom; paint the lv/dinning rm so they match; strip the wallpaper off the hall and paint the hall.; paint all the kitchen cabinets white, so it looks brighter/cleaner. Not really sure if all that can happen but I like having a what happens next list

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