July 23, 2009 at 9:52 pm (social networking, tech, web 2.0) (, )

I love my computer. I love my TIVO . Spell check lets me breathe. and the answering machine lets me laugh. But, if anything will drive me to drink , it is technology.

Dh took a tiny 15 second video on his phone. I wanted to put it here.

First I couldn’t play it on my computer — even converted. On my new computer — the video stuff is too old. We downloaded itunes — got something that worked. And then I tried to upload it here . Part of what I read said I needed a video upgrade. Part of what I read listed some media files I can upload. it was ambiguous. But I figured out , I needed an upgrade. Cool, I haven’t payed for anything here yet. But the price was more than I wanted to pay for 1 15 second video, esp. since who knows if I will ever do this again. So I put it up on my Youtube account. It said it was uploaded. So I clicked on my list of uploaded videos — and there it was….uploading. which is confusing, because it was uploaded.

I will birddog this problem until I figure it out. However, I am sure I will need more rum.

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internet/cable tv/phone

July 3, 2009 at 11:36 am (domestic life, tech, tv) ()

It is time again to think about the not quite rightness of the communication world. The local egroup has been sending out help — which company do you prefer / and the plaintive cry of why does this have to be so hard?

Comcast. DirectTv. At&t Uverse. DSL .

the first thing — they all want to bundle everything. Which in theory is good. Except I live in an area with unreliable cell phone service. So from a safety/communication thought — I prefer that all communications have some redundancy — and the easiest way is to split the carriers.

Second old customer/ new customer
New customers get good deals. Old customers do not. No one at my current co will do anything for my prices, unless I add a service. so I pay more

Impt of service. What the customer wants vs what is offered. I am staying with my current plan because I want the speed of internet that I get. Oddly, my co thinks tv might be very important to me. some how cable doesn’t under stand that I am a time shifter and I watch tv on my computer. Cable may go the way of all things if they don’t change the way they do things. There are somethings you can’t get on line — but commercail tv you can . and the 30 second ads every 15 min , way less annoying then an average commercial .Even as a TIVOer I can deal.
and then there are phone. My land line cost way more that it should. We’ve used skype for a bit now — and it seems pretty good — esp because the webcam is an option.

So I know what I need — a co that understands internet is first on my list — and then some extra reliability on phone( with some decent pricing) and then a flexible approach to tv.

But my neighbor might care more about tv than internet.

and someone else might have to deal with dollars first.

and a good co needs to learn to understand customer needs first . I think they can still come up with fair pricing structures, (if more chose 1 -3 options from column a 1 option from column b ,etc ). then we will have the more satisfaction. and maybe more target marketing opportunities.

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exciting events today

June 26, 2009 at 9:39 pm (books, domestic life, tech) ()

about 10 minutes before DH got home my new laptop arrived. It is very shiny. This is the first actual new computer I’ve had in over 10 years. Very Exciting. But I did not get to play with it, because 15 minutes after DH got home we had to run across the bay to go to Jilli’s book signing.
As you might have guessed, Jilli is a very entertaing speaker. And her DH is adorable ( I know that puts me on the list, but I can’t help it) And mom, Jilli agrees with you, I may be more goth than I think

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power outage

April 15, 2009 at 3:27 pm (domestic life, food, fun, library, library tech, tech)

So the power went out for awhile.   I don’t know why, it is rare  around  here.  There was a horrible grinding  noise and gone.  It is possible that it was just going to be  a short one, but I was impatient.  I  had planes – that all involved electricity.  I couldn’t do them.  So I decided to  to look at the wireless options in town.  First —  the library.  You  need a  library  card — and I had to find a part of the library where it would connect.  But once connected it was easy.  And there are no  time limits once  you  were on. And the library  was pretty  quiet, even  if the guy sitting behind  me had the plague.  There were plenty of places to  plug in the computer so — not  bad.  It did a get a bit slow, but that just meant tv watching had glitches.

After  the library – Panerea. Quick – easy  on , plus lunch  not bad.   Suggested time limits if crowded , but I  don’t  know if it is enforced in any way.   It  got really noisy, so I  didn’t stay  long.  It was  very fast.  I  probably would have stayed longer , but there were only  breakfast pastries — and I wanted something like an eclair ,  or a napoleon .

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garden rocker

November 30, 2008 at 8:05 pm (domestic life, garden, tech, tv) (, , )

gardenrockerSo I just saw this on Cool Tools and I am now debating, is it worth it?  Would I use it and like it or would it become more plastic junk? The idea behind the garden rocker ( the one on the show did not have a cushion) is that you sit on it and it pivots giving you reach and lean without straining your joints — or in my case , no more sitting on the ground.   Do I do enough weeding or even planting for it? Would I weed more?  Would I really hurt less, or would it just be different pain?  And will it fit in my garden shed?

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made of fail

September 22, 2008 at 1:45 pm (domestic life, rant, tech, tv) ()

I signed up for AT&T Uverse. Today was supposed to be the install day. Unfortunately, the sales person either didn’t know what she was talking about or she deliberately misled me.

The problem : I live in an old house. I have a limited number of grounded outlets. This issue was discussed with the salesperson.She felt – no problem ,everything is wireless.

ha.Wrong. I could get it installed– but it would mean exposed wires and an extra 75.00 charge. Negating the entire first month’s savings. and well, ugly.

You know, if we had figured out it wouldn’t work, no problem. I know there is electrical work to do. I have Comcast,and my original TIVO. No suffering here. But, I have to admit ,I feel like a new toy was dangled in front of me and then taken away.

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