August 12, 2011 at 12:51 pm (tv) ()

I  haven’t  exactly  been mainlineing  this  show – but  pretty  close.  I  watched  the premiree – it  looked fun , but never  go around to  watching more.  last  night I  finished season  1  and started  season 2.    Basic  impressions:

1) the  adults  act  like  teenagers.  the  most  annoying aspect  of  the  show

2)  season  1  got  bettter. 

3)  the  best thing  they  did  for  Sue  was  giver  her  a softer  side – it made  her  mean more  fun.

4)  this  is  the  earwormiest  show  ever. Sorry, Journey  is  not  my  favorite.

5) It is  very  powerful when Raw  emotions are  expressed  in song on  this  show.  I’m  not  sure  why  it  works  so  well, but  it  really  does.

All in  all ,Im  enjoying  the Show.  It  isn’t  on  th elevel of BTVS or  Firefly. But  it  is  entertaining  and I  don’t  tend  to  poke  at  the computer  when I  am  watching it – rare  these days.


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more walking

March 3, 2011 at 12:19 pm (fitness, fun, tv) (, , )

walked into work on monday . I’m kinda waiting for the walk to feel more routine. short walk on Tuesday just to loosen things up. By accident I spent an hour on the elliptical trainer. I was trying to watch Castle – but for some reason it kept restarting — so it took me an hour to watch 43 minutes of tv. But the advertisers will be happy — I got to see more ads. I’m curious – why is the elliptical trainer so much harder than walking.? I am Not moving faster. Is it the need for balance or my legs moving higher? I don’t really know. The next walk to work is friday.

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November 24, 2009 at 11:40 pm (fun, tv) ()

I know lots of people have seen this today, but it is very funny :

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Dr Horrible and the Emmys

September 21, 2009 at 7:22 pm (tv, Uncategorized) (, )

I am not an Emmy watcher. I just don’t watch the shows that are up for awards — more SciFi on my TIVO. But i did watch last night because I knew that there was going to be something from Dr. Horrible. Very Funny.

Maybe one day there will be more

SaD!!!!!!!! I am guessing there was a copyright violation

ok I guess you can see it here for now

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internet/cable tv/phone

July 3, 2009 at 11:36 am (domestic life, tech, tv) ()

It is time again to think about the not quite rightness of the communication world. The local egroup has been sending out help — which company do you prefer / and the plaintive cry of why does this have to be so hard?

Comcast. DirectTv. At&t Uverse. DSL .

the first thing — they all want to bundle everything. Which in theory is good. Except I live in an area with unreliable cell phone service. So from a safety/communication thought — I prefer that all communications have some redundancy — and the easiest way is to split the carriers.

Second old customer/ new customer
New customers get good deals. Old customers do not. No one at my current co will do anything for my prices, unless I add a service. so I pay more

Impt of service. What the customer wants vs what is offered. I am staying with my current plan because I want the speed of internet that I get. Oddly, my co thinks tv might be very important to me. some how cable doesn’t under stand that I am a time shifter and I watch tv on my computer. Cable may go the way of all things if they don’t change the way they do things. There are somethings you can’t get on line — but commercail tv you can . and the 30 second ads every 15 min , way less annoying then an average commercial .Even as a TIVOer I can deal.
and then there are phone. My land line cost way more that it should. We’ve used skype for a bit now — and it seems pretty good — esp because the webcam is an option.

So I know what I need — a co that understands internet is first on my list — and then some extra reliability on phone( with some decent pricing) and then a flexible approach to tv.

But my neighbor might care more about tv than internet.

and someone else might have to deal with dollars first.

and a good co needs to learn to understand customer needs first . I think they can still come up with fair pricing structures, (if more chose 1 -3 options from column a 1 option from column b ,etc ). then we will have the more satisfaction. and maybe more target marketing opportunities.

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Things that have changed my TV habits

May 23, 2009 at 7:01 pm (domestic life, tv) (, , )

First :  Fandom.  BTVS was my  introduction to fandom.  Yes, I  knew  about Star Trek  conventions and fanfic.  But Buffy  got me involved.  Buffy started just before we  moved to CA.  My sister watched it  and I  talked about it with  them.  In CA, I  found on line discussion boards.  Quotes, meanings, predictions, and other people jumping  up and down  about things you were jumping up and down.  And people that saw things I  missed. So I paid more  attention,  and rewatched,  and had more  fun with TV than I knew  was possible.

Second:  TIVO.  Easy time shifting.  The ability to pause and have a discussion in the middle  of  a show.  ( I took DH  and I  well over an hour to watch  an episode of Battlestar)The ability to rewind and resee the OMGWTFBBQ moments.   But  mostly the joy  of turning on the tv and having something on that I want to watch.

Third: Hulu,  itunes, and all the otherways  I can watch tv  on  my computer.    Tivo cuts off a few  minutes– go find  the show on the computer.  Or  everyone  is talking about a show I didn’t see — catch  the first  episode on the computer to see if I  care .  Away from my TIVO– grab a computer and  catch up on my shows. I  know a number of people  that had to give  up cable due to cost — it really  isn’t that  painful anymore.  Sometimes  you have to wait a day — and one show I  watch show the episode on the computer 8 days after  the first airing.  For  someone that has  benn timeshifting, this makes  almost  no difference.

Looking  forwad to  more  changes

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