walking and diabetes

October 20, 2011 at 11:52 am (chronic conditions, diabetes, walking) (, , )

You  will read  and you  will hear – that  walking will make diabetes better.I’ve  even  hear  the word  cure. When I  was  first diagnosed – I could go  for a  walk  and  see  my numbers  drop.   Sadly,  it  doesn’t  work that  way  anymore.  In  fact  it is difficult  for  me to get  my  numbers to  budge. Even when I  trained  for  walking 60  miles. I know I’m  not  alone (  I read  about a  guy  who  ran his first  half  marathon – and also  hit his  highest  blood sugar ever, while  running it) .  So  nothing is  quite  simple.

So What’s  the point?  Well I  actually  think everybody  that  can  walk,should  walk. There  was  an article  in last week’s chronicle that   had  some fascinating  information.  Just  15  minutes  of  walking, six days a week, can add 3 years to your life. More is better, but a small amount of time can give you three more years to hang with your friends and family. That sounds like a deal to me

There is  a group called EveryBodyWalk that is trying to encourage everyone to walk . Check them out.

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August 19, 2011 at 11:24 am (fitness, fun, walking) (, , )

That is  where I am now.  Last  weekend  of  big  walks until THE WALK.   I  feel  like I can  do  it  now ( but no I’m  not packed  yet ), and I am  mentally  prepared.  It is  sort of  constantly  hovering in my  mind. I’m  making list in my  brain and checking  things  off.  making decisions. Planning all my  next  steps, so  on  the day  of  the walk ( which  starts  at  an  hour when I can’t  even  see  yet ) I just  have to walk .  ( or as  al  the promo and safety  videos  say ‘walk  and pee’ ) .

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So if I was going to do it over….

August 1, 2011 at 6:41 am (diabetes, fitness, resolution, walking) ()

The walk is not until September 9th , so I am not finished with my training . But I have a few thoughts on how I would do things differently. Mostly , I would train for a longer period of time.

Things felt reasonable up until 12 miles. , But now the training feels a little pushed to me. I think I would have liked to spent a little longer walking 12 miles. Mostly because yesterday was the first time 13 seemed pretty good – even though I did not want to walk at all (I did 17). I think if I had more time at 12 /13 miles I would be faster. ( Seriously, it took me all day to walk 17 miles ) and I might be able to train my body to use stored food better. Right now I need to eat all the time in order not to crash. This makes sense – diabetes is a metabolic disorder – the body is not efficient in using food. I will probably always eat more than the non-diabetic when doing extreme activities, but I believe it could be more efficient.

So I have been having thoughts about the future. I really don’t want to lose what I’ve gained. I want 8 miles of walking to stay easy. I wouldn’t mind being faster ( no I do not want to run ) . I need to get back some flexibility . ( I never had much – and I’ve lost some of what little I had walking ) I’m trying to come up with a combination of walking and yoga – flexible enough that I can get back some time for reading, hanging with my DH and other social stuff – but rigid enough that I can’t skip by saying – oh I’ll do something tomorrow . Because, while I have discovered that it is a myth that missing a work out sets you back a step – and that missing a week can actually be good for you – I want missing a work out to be because I am missing it , not just putting it off.

I started off talking about if I could redo – and ended up with a plan for the future … I guess that is one of the points of looking back.

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Trainning nerves

May 3, 2011 at 1:36 pm (Uncategorized, walking) (, )

here is  where life  is starting to  get  interesting

Monday Rest
Tuesday 3 miles Easy walking
Wednesday 15 minutes Moderate cross-training
Thursday 5 miles Moderate walking
Friday 30 minutes Easy cross-training
Saturday 6 miles Easy walking
Sunday 5 miles Easy walking

last week I walked about 19 miles. I haven’t really checked the schedual to see where I am vs the trainning schedual for a few weeks. And i am not so sure this was a good week to check it. – mostly because a longer walk Sat and Sunday just doesn’t work for me – I work on Saturday.

the current plan for this week has me at 18 -20 miles. One day with a 6 mile walk one day with two three mile walks. Plus some gardening hours. there is room to get the 22 miles in – just not sure I can fit another longer walk in ( over 4 Miles). I guess this means next week i start on a tighter schedule. ( with more stuff on the calander) .

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why – or at least the who

April 22, 2011 at 4:48 pm (walking) (, , )

My grandmother

my friends G , and L who just fought it off, and J who survived two bouts of breast cancer before 50 – one without insurance.

My friend C’s mother.

For P , who is male.

For M and B , board members at my library in Ct. They found out about the same time. M survived , B did not.

and for a lot of other people that have had various cancers – because I hope reseach for one cancer with help us with all cancers.

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exercise anxiety

April 12, 2011 at 2:34 pm (chronic conditions, fitness, walking) (, )

When  I  set a  goal – anxiety  sets  in. Not  for  everything,  but  for  exercise.  Maybe  because it is  the best  thing I can do  for my  health is exercise.  Maybe  because no matter  how I do  it – a  major  part of  it  is  less  than fun. And  part of  it – is  there are ‘rules’.

“make  small goals like working out  15  minuets  5  days a  week ”  : “The  first  thing  you  should do is  find a time  during  the day  when You  can  consistently commit to  exercising”: “don’t let anything interfere with you  exercise  schedule”

The  little  bit  every day  goal – gives  you  nothing to do  if  it  doesn’t  work. and there isn’t  really  a  result to  see.  Adding a  small amount of  exercise  is good,  but can  yo  see or feel a  difference?  in  how  much  time ?

Set  time everyday.  That  might work  for  some people.  But  my  life  is  not  that  routine.   My  work  schedule varies from day  to  day, and week  to  week.  I ‘set ”  my schedule  once a  week– but  there is usually at  least  once  when I  say  I  will do  this  one day or  another day. If  I  didn’t  build in that flexibility – I’d  go  nuts.  Life  is  not neat  and  tidy. Things  do  interfere.

   The best thing about  doing the 3 day  walk – there  is time.  Before I committed I figured  out how I  was going to  handle things.  I pushed a little  past the set goals of  the training  program, because Allergies often lead to  complications – meaning I get  sick.  So I built  in time to  get sick  once  or  twice ( once  was  enough  thank  you ) . 

But I  also  just  joined  the counties Active  for  Life  program  again.  My  goal is  70  minutes  5  days a week.  which  I  would have hit easily,but I got  sick.  Now, I’m  concerned.  Which  is  silly,  because  this isn’t  the point.  And  really , if I  miss this small goal, it means very  little about  the big  goal. 

I  am  back  on  track.  I  walked a  good  walk to day.   BTW – another  myth.  I didn’t  lose  anything by being sick and unable to really work out.   I  feel just as strong  as I  did  before I got  sick.

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