Long, long  ago  there  was  a show called Buffy  the  Vampire  Slayer.   I  was looking forward to  it because I  saw gems in the very  campy  film.   It  was so  much better than the movie.  Around  the same  time , my  DH and I  moved to CA.  Somehow, even  in the move I  didn’t  miss an episode.   I  talked  with my  sisters about the  show.  But I  was lonely.   Dh  worked a lot, and I found  myself  going to  the grocery  store  to  talk to  people.   Somewhere along  the line , I  found THE BOARD.   the place  were all  kinds of  people  from  all over  the world  were talking about  a  show  I  loved – predicting  the story line, analyzing, criticizing, and getting to  know  each  other.

We’ve been  together  for 14 years.  we  went  from  invisible friends  to buffy  friends  to friends.  Some have met in  the physical world.  I  learned that while some may  not be exactly  like  they  are on  the board ( some of my  friends are so quite in the physical  world) , I  can  trust  that what they  write is  what  they  say.

Buffy  is  no longer the focus  of  the boards.  Friendship is.    we  have had marriages, divorces, school, careers, family  troubles, bombs, children,. books, games, death.

Today , we lost one our own.  ita  was a fierce  fighter, very  smart,  a good coder.  She was not  afraid to just  do something.  She moved to LA  with  need and hope  and a  stranger to stay  with ( yes,  another  member of my  board – Thanks) .  She  did Krav Maga , coded  our board,  argue and questioned  every sloppy  statement  you made.  The  last  years of  her life  were painful  .   Migraines  that  didn’t  stop and a constant  hope/fight for  relief. She  still worked.   She went back to  drawing and stayed in fandoms.

We will miss  her  everyday

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