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February 12, 2008 at 11:33 am (library) (, )

I wasn’t going to post this, but really who can resist? 1946 film to recruit librarians. I can’t decide if it is scary or great that though the tools have changed so much the jobs stay the same.  Warning: video is slightly more than 10 minutes long

After watching this I was especially struck by the job of the PR librarian. I think it is one of those jobs that seems to be more and more a part of everyone’s job in the library

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February 9, 2008 at 4:11 pm (learning 2.0, library, library tech, social networking, web 2.0) ()

I’ve been thinking a lot about web 2.0 – I’ve read all kinds of blogs from people that are involved learning 2.0. I’ve even had discussions with people that really just don’t get the point of it all. So here are my conclusions, so far.

Web 2.0 is about communication and connection. Not all of our library patrons come into the library anymore. And with budget cuts, and less open hours; servicing our communities is harder. With a number of the web 2.0 products , we can serve our patrons in the way and in the time they need our help.

Blogs: they won’t replace, letters, press releases, newsletters, or emails, right away. But they can craft your image, publicize events, and share the breath and depth of your library collection. And unlike every other means of communication – your readers come to you. The first time someone finds your blog , it might be an accident. Those that come back want to know what you have to say.

Flickr and other photo sharing places – It seems obvious- pictures of events, books, etc . can help sell your services. But what if you set up a group – and let your patrons share their library experiences in photos ? We always say that our library is built by the community and for the community it serves, so why not let them share what they’ve experienced at the library.

RSS, Bloglines – I see mostly as a personal education tools but knowing what they are and how they work can help us educate our patrons.

Rollyo – Every library has that question or group of questions that come in every year. ( Valley of the kings? I need to know about X cells? What can you tell me about the white witch of Niles? ) putting together search engines that will give you the answers to the variations of the usual questions – priceless. And something we should be good at. Think about it – a database that we can create .

LibraryThing – let’s just go create reading lists! Control your tags -and put together all the YA, reluctant readers , and princess book lists you want. – putting together a list of the sites that the library trusts and knows – that is flexible and ever changing – what more could you want. I worked at a library that wanted to keep the bookmarks on all the staff (public service) computers the same – so everyone had the tools they were used to using everywhere. could solve that problem. Get a sign in for the library – keep your public service bookmarks on and you can get them everywhere you work.

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February 8, 2008 at 12:38 pm (learning 2.0, social networking, web 2.0) ()

ok – I admit  defeat.  I get what it does – goes out and gathers blog post – sorting by tags.  Very cool.  But moving to the next step – it hasn’t worked. I’ve tried to claim my blog, but I just can’t figure it out.  I put in my  blog – technorati  claims I have ‘framset’.  and tells me to  look at my source code and find some stuff, but I can’t find the word frameset any where in the source code.  Yesterday, I did get a chance to add the code to let Tecnorati see my blog , but every time I saved the code – the code flipped around.  ( the end of the code showed up at the beginning). I’m not really sure what claiming  my blog would do  for me and it feels like I’m not going to learn. I’m not sure this critical to my understanding of web 2.0, just frustrating.   Any ideas are welcome.

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January 25, 2008 at 1:05 pm (learning 2.0, niles, social networking, web 2.0) (, , )

Whoa. Way cooler than I expected it to be. I just put together a teeny, tiny search engine for my tiny bit of town. I live in the city of Fremont, Ca – in the Historic Niles District. I put together about 7 site of trusted info on Niles, including the city site. Then I put the word Jazz into the search engine. I came up with expected results, plus a few unexpected results. Fantastic.

The reason I decided to put a search engine for Niles together is because the information about events in my area can be scattered, and I wanted a quick place to look things up. I think if I add the local newspapers , I will really get a good list of events. It will be a bit broader than Niles, but still very local.
My Niles Search Engine

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January 23, 2008 at 2:02 pm (fun, learning 2.0, library, social networking, web 2.0) (, , )

Ok, I admit it. I am afraid of LibraryThing. My online friends all got into it last year and they were obsessed. They would stay up all night entering their books . And then there were the questions they had to ask …’what if the book belong to my SO? should I include it? ” “how about the books I haven’t read yet. do they count? ‘ and ‘ What about the books I will get rid of one day ?’. And these are not librarians(well some are) , just people that understand that books are part of any decorating theme. But I bit the bullet and started adding a few books. here is My library , at the least the beginning.  So far I have just added a few cookbooks.  However, I  joined my online friends group – and they are all ready luring me into  adding other books that I know we have in common.

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RSS, newsfeeds, bloglines

January 14, 2008 at 1:20 pm (learning 2.0) (, , , , )

I don’t know. I’m still not sure. I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’ve subscribed to on bloglines and I keep adding to it.

Pluses – I am reading a bit wider when it come to the news. Somehow having the news stories in a list means I actually read more of them. I also have a couple of blogs marked that I just like, but I have no idea who these people really are – so when they have new posts, it is a nice surprise. The biggest plus is that it does save time, I ‘m not clicking over to places with no new posts.

Minuses – Honestly, I’m not sure I always want to save time. The web is not just words, there are pictures, videos and even the layout of a blog. I miss them. There is a personality to the various pages I visit on the web. Sometimes the feed on blog lines feels cold. When I click on something to read, I feel like a filter or veil is gone.

Current conclusion: Subscriptions are useful, but more of time saving tool than a real enhancement

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