december 2013

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No Angel Helen Keeble (LB) funny ya — I don’t read Angel fiction, but this was funny – even though I’m sure I missed some of the jokes. – but I did get the ‘twisty passages looking all alike ‘ reference.

Undead / Kirsty McKay(LB) zombie stuff . parental betrayal . ok I have the second book , but not sure I want to read it

Steelheart / Brandon Sanderson (LB) great. through an event ( which I forget ) people have powers . Or some people do . And those with powers – use them to control the rest of the world. When he was 8, David watched his father be killed by an epic. David wants to kill the Epic that killed his father.

Witchy Business (Witch Detectives #1) [Kindle Edition] blah. short . witch doesn’t know the strength of her powers and finds out from a man.

Cabinet of curiositiess Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child reliable fun adventure tales

Life’s a Witch (Witches of Karma) (Karma’s Witches) short – big time jumps a lot more tell than show

Loud, awake, and lost Adele Griffin (LB) desk skim – after the physical recovery from an accident – Now you have to recover your life.

Extraction Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs (KS)short …so I happen to be on a kick.

Reliquery Preston and child -(LB) monsters in the sewer of NYC

so 8 in December so 81 for the year.

I know I’ve missed writing some down this year

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books for January/Feburary 2013

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harry  Potter and the Sorcers stone ( my book) – rereading in the winter is important.

Confessions of a murder suspect james patterson (LB) good ,if completely  unbeliveable. I’m afraid it will go  like his other teen series – on  too long without really going anywhere.   But notice  how  many of his books I read.

Divergent (LB) Veronica Roth review here

Gooseberry Bluff community college of magic David Schwartz(KS)New concept – buy a serail book from amazon – wait for each part to show up . I was less than thrilled to come to the end of the first installment

Blackout Mira Grant ( MY book ) third in the newsflesh series. Excellent finish

to have and to code Debra Geary ( KB ) one more book abotu witch central

so 6 more that is 10 so far for the year

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book list january 2013

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More  than  a mistress Mary  Blaugh (KLB)Historical  romance – fun

A different  Witch Debora Geary  ( KB) witch  story – this  time our  witch  has  asperbergs – a littl  heavy  handed  at  the begining , but she  pulled it off

Darth Vadar  and Son jeffery  brown  (LB)  graphic  novel  – fun – what if  darth had  stuck  around as a dad.

Magicains  Tale  David Hunt (own) re read .  Myster in  sf – photorapher  that sees in only in  black  in  white  investigates  the  murder of  her  friend,  a street  hustler.  very  good.


so  4 for  the first  half of  the month – I was going to try  and keep  this list to one a month , but not  this  time.



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