november books

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em>Eat, brains, love Jeff Hart (lb) YA A couple of high school seniors, become zombies and eat a bunch of their friends in the lunch room. But they have some of their own brains left so they escape the government agency that is out to kill /study /destroy zombies. ( that no one admits is real ) . One of the zombie hunters is a teen girl with mind reading abilities. and it gets complicated. and gross. and not great

 – Sean Maguire ( KS) finished — Sooooo good. I read for stories – which I can’t define very well. But since this was a story about stories….Excellent – go get it.

The coldest girl in Coldtown / by Holly Black (LB) Holly Black writes edgy urban fantasy. There is nothing comfortable about her books. no happy endings. this one is her first vampire book — and it explores the current fascination and romanticism around vampires – with the reality of creatures that need blood and can live almost forever. There is room for more, but I hope there is never a direct sequel….

The tollgate Georgette Heyer (my book) needed lighter – an old favorite, but not quite as light as I remember. ( death , murder, robbery mixed with romance)

Gnomes on the Range
Jennifer Zane (kb) romance /mystery light fun, despite the mystery being truly dangerous.


Curtsies & conspiracies / Gail Carriger (LB) 2nd in the finishing school steam punk series . Victorian era girls learning to be spies and assassins in a steampunk world

so that is 6 so 73 so far …

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october books

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Money Run (LB) Jack Health ok. ya teen thieves

an Incomplete Witch debra Geary (KB) one more of my favorite witch stories

Cuckoo’s calling(LB)Robert Galbraith ( aka jk rowling) Excellent . detective novel. Very british in that the beginning is slow – and then suddenly your speeding along to the conclusion. really well done. and I was on the list before I knew who the author was – because I kept seeing copies of it for other people.

Kitty raises hell; Kitty’s house of horrors (klb)werewolf radio host – can’t get the next few at the library- what to do….

Shadows Robin McKinley Excellent. Magic has been banned – and doesn’t really exist. Forbidden magic, animals, friends, daring deeds and origami. fast paced and really good.

that is only 6. I think I read more, but didn’t write them down
I think that makes 67

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books for august

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Towering Alex Finn (LB) Rapunzel retelling. very good.a little pat. and I keep wanting to call it tangled

Indexing ( 7 ) Sean Mcguire (KS) Getting better and better Indexing ( 7 ) Sean Mcguire (KS) Getting better and better

The temporary Wife Mary Balogh (KLB) fun short historical romance. The temporary Wife Mary Balogh (KLB) fun short historical romance.

Journal of Mina Harker ( Dracula spoof) ( kf) Chukran, Bobbi, Chukran, Bobbi A., Neal, B.A. Dracula with some modern words play format

From the ground up: food growers education in life, love, and the movement that… Nation (KLB) Jeanne Nolan. Really good Review here

The Stand Stephan King (KLB) Reread . Long book. this is one fo those books that I think has enough to it , that everytime I read it, my reaction to it change.

So  6  books in  august – 50  for  the year

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books for July 2013

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Midnight  Riot  Ben Aaronovitch (KB) paranormal detective in london — this is the first in the series – ( I read the third first) excellent.

An artificial night Seanan McGuire (LB) third book in the rosemary and rue series. She really hits her stride with this one.

The elegant gathering of white snows Kris Radish (KlB) A bunch of women friends in Wisconsin decide to take a walk. A long walk. It gets a bit heavy-handed, but I enjoyed it.It resonates. Almost every woman I know has wanted to just walk away from her life at some point. Not because it is horrible , not because it is bad, but because.

Gooseberry Bluff 11 (KS)

Indexing 5 (KS) I might have lost count.

Au revoir, crazy European chick / by Joe Schreiber (KLB) review here. Fun.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore / Robin Sloan (LB)books store. geeks. codes. tales of treasure. What is not to love? And I really really like the ending.

Charm & strange / Stephanie Kuehn (LB)not my usual type of book, but well done. review

gooseberry  bluff 12 – the end (KS)General view of serials. If I don’t know the author, I might not do it. Waiting two weeks for the next part means that my own brain does not keep the continuity flow. It helped that many of these episodes ended on a cliff hanger.

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book count /round up

December 31, 2012 at 5:22 pm (Uncategorized) ()

130 books this year

Fang Girl*, Gone Girl*, whispers Under ground*, Guitar Notes, Tattoo, Night Circus*, Murder misdirected, encrypted, Every Other day, how to be sick , Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children*, modern witch ( 1st one by this author – so now I am reading them all ) , Perdido Street Station*

Those are the ones that stand out — but a lot of others were good. * ones are some of the ones that I try to get lots of people to read or just come along in passing thoughts frequently.

Really, read Night Circus

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booklist 23

November 7, 2012 at 3:38 pm (Uncategorized) ()

6 for October, 119 for the year so far

The Excursion Train  Marston, Edward (klb) another  good  historical  mystery  by  this author.

Gone girl Gillian Flynn (KLB)  good, read  review  below.  Need to  find  her  other  books

The Scandal of Lady Eleanor Regina Jeffers (KLB) I thought this was going to be a light regency romance – but no, it had child molesting in it. and it ended on a cliff hanger . It was good, but not what I was expecting.

3 for November , so far…

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