books for june 2013

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A corner of white Jacklyn Morarity (LB) review

Throw out fifty things : clear the clutter, find your life Gail Blanke (LB) Yes , a book on decluttering – but in the approach taken by the author – there is a reason you aren’t getting rid of stuff and in the course of tossing 50 things – you learn why you aren’t throwing things out, and how to continue throwing things out. I liked it.

Masque of the Red Death Bethany Griffin (lb) well I was hoping to love it – but the creepy parts weren’t creepy enough. It went on a little long, and there are more books. Not bad, just not as good as I wanted it to be

Nine lives of Chloe King (LB) 3 books in one. A girl that is part cat or a cat person. The first one was – an introduction , if the second and thirdhadn’t been included I wouldn’t have gone looking. But they got much better.

finished through part 9 in gooseberry bluff and part 3 in Indexing

so  5 for june  and  35  for  the  year

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books in may 2013

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uncommon criminals Ally Carter (LB) ,perfect scoundrels Ally Carter (LB) Heist series , really fun

gooseberry bluff common ( part 6  )or maybe 7 (KS) I’ve lost track – you know I’m going to have to reread this from the beginning

 witch way Heidi Hall (KB) ok . young woman finds she has witch powers she never knew about. Really just a beginning. I might have read more, but the author went on a tirade about not lending this book. So I haven’t bothered.

also known as Robin Benway (LB) Teen age spy from a spy family. Fun , I really like the ending.

Insurgent  veronica Roth (LB) Excellent follow-up to Divergent. Lots of surprises.

Indexing Seanan McGuire (KS)OMG another serial , this one by the writer of Feed and Rosemary and Rue. It is a whole world of fairy tales – so once upon a time or Grimm fans might enjoy it. I was completely occupied by trying to figure out how the world worked.

7 books in May – 30 for the year

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April 2013 books

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The  Magic  Circle Katherine  Neville(my book) reread  and I  don’t  know  why dan  brown  style convoluted  plot – she  has  better  books.

Splendors  and Glooms Laura Amy Schlitz (KLB) children’s  book  that  creeped me out – oliver twistian  world. Dirt, poverty,extreme wealthy. puppets.     Truly  evil  villains that do horrible  things to people  and die horribly.  Hard  to  put  down ,  well written  and made it  hard to  sleep .

Gooseberry Bluff community college – part 4 (KS) loving the book – finding the format frustrating — every time I get a new one just enough time has passed that I end up going back a few pages.

Rosemary and Rue  Seanan Mcguire (LB) She wrote Feed, this is her first book. It has some first book flaws, but the first part of the book is a hard. emotionally hard. A gutsy place to start a book. The flaw- really she has to explain everything – all the different creatures of Fairie. I like it, but it does interfere with the flow. And I am very glad I have the second one home .

A local habitation Seanan McGuire (LB) Quite good, but a little more complex and move a little slower.

Gooseberry Bluff community college -part 5 (KS) Really I can wait til I have them all and just read them end to end. I know suspense novels end chapters on cliff hangers – but when you can’t go onto the next… I am really enjoying every minute of it, however.

Swordfights and lullabies Debra Greary (KB) which light morsel ( which means short story ) fun.

The Wonderful wizard of OZ  L. Frank Baum (KB) Neve read it , so I did. Wierder than the movie. and I think even though it is slightly old fashion – the language would be accessible to most children.

Heist Society Ally Carter (KLB) What fun! Different than I expected , but very good. Kat Bishop – has escaped from her con artist family and become – a boarding school student. But she doesn’t get to stay out of that life for long…A really good con/heist novel.

8 in april 23 for the year

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booklist 24

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Fang Girl  Helen  Keeble ( LB)  one  of  the funniest books I’ve  read in a a long  time – yes  there is a link  between vampires and ikea. review

Private  James  Patterson/maxine  Paetro – (klb) Stiff .   these  two  have done  some of the women’s  murder  club  books , but  this one was  – well the story  lines  were interesting, but I didn’t  feel anything for  the characters.   – 1st book in  a series about a private detective  agency.

Bewitching You Viola Estrella (kb) paranormal romance, cute,overly complex. I kinda wish the romantic couple had learned to trust how they felt a little more by the end of the book , but it was a fun read

6 for November and 125 for the year – which is almost done

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booklist 20

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whispers  under  ground  Ben  aaronovitch ( KLB) Mystery  /paranormal  – really  good  – one  of  those  books  that shows  you  the  disadvantage of  a  kindle .   I  have  no idea  why  I  chose  to  take this out ,  what  it was about  or  what  the cover  looked like – so  it  was  a complete  surprise to  me  when  I  read  it.   magic,  mystery  london , london  under ,  really  good.   and  not  the  first  book — so  I got  a  little   lost , but  not  too lost   Need  the other  books  by  this  author

The  squad Killer  Spirit  Jennifer  Lynn Barnes (LB)  2nd  book  in  this  series –  fun

Guitar  Notes  Mary  Amato (KLB)  A Boy ,a girl  . One  a  celloist , one a  guitar player. one a perfect  student, one  is lost .   The share a practice  room  on opposite  days  of  the week and  start  exchanging notes.   a story  about the power of  creating music

Last Wool  and Testament:  A haunted  Yarnshop  Mystery Molly  MacRae (KB) cross  between  a cozy  and a  paranormal.  Fun .  liked  the main  character  a  lot, hoping  to  see more developement  of  some of  the secondary  characters in  the  second  book.


4  for  september

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booklist 18

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All  the  things I’ve  done  Gabrielle Zevin    ya library book – very  good Review

Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn  Barnes ya library book  Who knew a temporary tatoo could lead to danger?

Maximum security
 Robert Muchamore ya library book 3rd book in the Cherub series — ( kid spys in england) they don’t disappoint.

Social suicide Gemma Halliday ya library book  mystery – fun  series

the 8th confession james patterson (KLB) another in the women’s murder club, much better than the last
Sister rosamund lupton ( from a friend)murder mystery told form a very unique perspective

hearts blood (KB ) bad. urban fantasy

8th grade bites #1 Heather brewer (KLB) YA – 8th grader that is half vampire learns more about who and what he is

Working stiff Annelise ryan ( KLB) murder mystery ex nurse becomes deputy corner . Interesting my tery , but I am tired of the awkward middle age woman trope.

true blood bonnie lamer ( KL) YA A girl finds out she is a mixture of witch and Fairy blood and her life is in danger. good.

A bespoke murder (homefront mystery) ( KLL)Edward Marston Shops are burned , a man is murder and a girl is raped — two detectives from Scotland yard must figure them out.

Neverwhere neil Gamin (KB) long over due reread of London Under

two debra Geary rereads
14 books for august ( a couple were in july ) – that’s what plane rides and jet lag will do for you

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