August 19, 2011 at 11:24 am (fitness, fun, walking) (, , )

That is  where I am now.  Last  weekend  of  big  walks until THE WALK.   I  feel  like I can  do  it  now ( but no I’m  not packed  yet ), and I am  mentally  prepared.  It is  sort of  constantly  hovering in my  mind. I’m  making list in my  brain and checking  things  off.  making decisions. Planning all my  next  steps, so  on  the day  of  the walk ( which  starts  at  an  hour when I can’t  even  see  yet ) I just  have to walk .  ( or as  al  the promo and safety  videos  say ‘walk  and pee’ ) .

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why – or at least the who

April 22, 2011 at 4:48 pm (walking) (, , )

My grandmother

my friends G , and L who just fought it off, and J who survived two bouts of breast cancer before 50 – one without insurance.

My friend C’s mother.

For P , who is male.

For M and B , board members at my library in Ct. They found out about the same time. M survived , B did not.

and for a lot of other people that have had various cancers – because I hope reseach for one cancer with help us with all cancers.

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3 day walk for the Cure

February 8, 2011 at 12:19 pm (thoughts) (, )

Ok My sister K says she is doing it. Not surprised, this is a cause for all of us. My sister J is joining her. I was a little surprised, but she used to be a distance runner. She has the dsiapline to do it. I’ve wanted to do it, but this year is hard for me. I just started working full time. I know I can walk 10 miles in a day, but I have no idea if I can find enough time to train for this . However, the distance to work a little less than 4 miles. New sneakers tomorrow. Walk to work on Monday? DH has all ready said he’ll pick me up from work. So right now, I am commiting to seeing if I can find the time to train.

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