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December 27, 2008 at 7:56 pm (domestic life, fun, garden) (, , )

It has been really cold here.  Now, not  New England cold, but low 30s at night  and high 40s/ low 50s during the day.  And  haven’t been dealing with it very  well — I keep wanting to hide from the cold.  Actually, it feels like I’ve been over-reacting to the cold.  Instantly feeling frozen when I get  cold.  I only  know one cure for that.  Go outside and work in the cold.  I told DH last night that if it was a tiny  bit warmer, we should built the compost bin we’ve been talking about.  Happily, it was warmer today.


Our pallet compost bin was inspired by this. Ours is not quite as pretty — we had to make it bigger than originally planned due to the amount of compost we have. So there is no gate(no room to open it) . I think we will just close off half of the front to keep the compost in the bin.

To start, we had 3 free pallets that a neighbor had given us. We bought 3 regulation sized pallets for 3 bucks a piece from a local store ( he sells them to a shipper) . Plus we picked up some scrap wood from him as well. ( free) . If we had had the fubar and a saw with us we might have had more free wood, but we can’t complain. Especially since it all fit in the Saturn Vue. 4.5 pallets became the current bin– 1, or part of one,will become the front wall. With some of the rest of the haul we made a bin to put the logs and scrap wood for the fire.

There is some leftover wood and pallets. Not sure what we are going to do with that yet. But we did find out something interesting. DH and I both thought that pallets were made of cheap, soft wood. Um, no. Oak and Maple. A little sycamore– which is softer. Pallets are not as easy to dissemble as we had thought.

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