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February 25, 2013 at 6:20 pm (fitness, fun) ()

So  yesterday  I  walked down  town , twice.  This  means 3+ to  4 miles of walking.  yay! good for me!  but that is not what  was interesting. It  was  how I  felt.  The first  walk  was , ok.  but it was before coffe  and food – so not great.  the walk  home – was  hard – due to  too much food  and too many  bruch  drinks.  The  third  walk – back downtown,  was annoying – too effortful.   The walk  home – walk number  4  ,  was Great.

I’ve  always  known  that I  get  stiff easily.   Heck,  that  is part of  why I  sweep  my  floors  every morning- it loosens  me  up.  I think I  have  been  moving so  little – that it took  over  three miles to  loosen up.  The  rest  in between  gave my body   a chance to  get  used to  the idea  of moving, but  they  were  close  enough  in time  that I  didn’t  get  stiff.

Have  you  ever heard the ideas – just  take  the stairs or park  further out … well I  know  why  that idea hasn’t woked for  me  in  the past.  that isn’t  enough  to bring me to  the next level.  I  do  think I  need to get to  at least  15 minutes  almost  every day,  but I  don’t  think  that  will happen  with out a little bit  of  push.  the concept of  feeling better after  moving is going to  take a bit.


And I  think that is the key to  exercise- or  more  movement  if  you  will. Not ignoreing you  body,  but exploring and seeing  how  you  feel.  Learing what  makes  sense  for  you  .

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exercise anxiety

April 12, 2011 at 2:34 pm (chronic conditions, fitness, walking) (, )

When  I  set a  goal – anxiety  sets  in. Not  for  everything,  but  for  exercise.  Maybe  because it is  the best  thing I can do  for my  health is exercise.  Maybe  because no matter  how I do  it – a  major  part of  it  is  less  than fun. And  part of  it – is  there are ‘rules’.

“make  small goals like working out  15  minuets  5  days a  week ”  : “The  first  thing  you  should do is  find a time  during  the day  when You  can  consistently commit to  exercising”: “don’t let anything interfere with you  exercise  schedule”

The  little  bit  every day  goal – gives  you  nothing to do  if  it  doesn’t  work. and there isn’t  really  a  result to  see.  Adding a  small amount of  exercise  is good,  but can  yo  see or feel a  difference?  in  how  much  time ?

Set  time everyday.  That  might work  for  some people.  But  my  life  is  not  that  routine.   My  work  schedule varies from day  to  day, and week  to  week.  I ‘set ”  my schedule  once a  week– but  there is usually at  least  once  when I  say  I  will do  this  one day or  another day. If  I  didn’t  build in that flexibility – I’d  go  nuts.  Life  is  not neat  and  tidy. Things  do  interfere.

   The best thing about  doing the 3 day  walk – there  is time.  Before I committed I figured  out how I  was going to  handle things.  I pushed a little  past the set goals of  the training  program, because Allergies often lead to  complications – meaning I get  sick.  So I built  in time to  get sick  once  or  twice ( once  was  enough  thank  you ) . 

But I  also  just  joined  the counties Active  for  Life  program  again.  My  goal is  70  minutes  5  days a week.  which  I  would have hit easily,but I got  sick.  Now, I’m  concerned.  Which  is  silly,  because  this isn’t  the point.  And  really , if I  miss this small goal, it means very  little about  the big  goal. 

I  am  back  on  track.  I  walked a  good  walk to day.   BTW – another  myth.  I didn’t  lose  anything by being sick and unable to really work out.   I  feel just as strong  as I  did  before I got  sick.

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A tiny bit of guilt

November 2, 2009 at 7:54 pm (domestic life) ()

So we were chatting at the cafe and Friend P mentioned that his dog has gained some weight and needs to walk. C said we all could use more walking. I agreed. Then P said, “But you walk more than all of us”. Well, not lately. So guess who walked to and from the cafe this morning. Just a little guilt, and a feeling like I wasn’t living up to my reputation was all it took.

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September 23, 2009 at 2:46 pm (domestic life, thoughts) (, )

When you need more exercise, the simple suggestion is take a walk. Assuming you have no physical problems, the idea feels like it is simple. So why is it hard?

Time is a factor, of course. Even in my life , which I try to leave lots of room in , there isn’t always time. Weather can be a factor. And some days, you just don’t wanna. But sometimes, it is the place.

Where I live – it is a great place to walk. I have neighbors I can wave to, or a place where I can watch birds. I can walk around a block, or I can walk to a destination ( a few restaurants, a coffee shop, the post office, and a small store ) . Work site #1 is clearly awful, a parking lot in a boreing strip mall where there are people asking for money. Work site #2 looks better, because it is in a suburban style park. But it feels odd. It feels like a wasteland . It is mostly sports fields, soccer and footbal. There is a tiny playground area and a tiny picnic area. Most of the time it feels empty and spooky, even under the bright califonia sun. And DH works in Industrial /commercial park hell – where even if there is a place to walk to – getting run over is a possiblilty and so is getting beaten to mush by the nioonday sun. ( why are those areas so much hotter?)

I find it interesting that we can make a place for people that is difficult/ uncomfortable for walking, when that is how we are made to get from place to place.

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Active for Life — Follow up

July 30, 2009 at 1:37 pm (chronic conditions, domestic life) (, , )

The Active for Life program is over — I hit 96 % of my goal . Two weeks of being sick was the ‘downfall’. Not much I can do about that. Sick is sick and you have to pay attention to your bodies needs. They are different when you are sick.

In general, I am pleased with my self. My goal was 60 min . of exercise 5 days a week. And I really did try to hit 5 days a week. Except when I was sick I did do at least 20 minuets of exercise 6 days a week. And exercise — I defined it as anything that was either real work ( like plant removal ) , or Moving the big muscles ( walking, biking, etc ) , or extraordinary housecleaning ( scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees — real work) . The lowest I hit when not sick , was 80% of my goal. So busy — not the excuse I thought it would be.

Any way I am going to try and Keep this up — but without keep ing track any where, I ‘m not so sure it will be easy.

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Active for Life

May 19, 2009 at 5:40 pm (chronic conditions, domestic life, fun, library, resolution) (, )

I work for the County , and the county has just rejoined the Active for life program. It is set up to encourage people to become more active, and to recognize when they make better life style choices. In 2007, I did it and made 122% of my goal.

The idea is the you set up a goal X amount of activity 5 days a week. Two years ago I had a goal of 30 minutes. Which was easy for me to reach. Even when I was sick, I had plenty of time to make up for missed minutes. Plus I earned a bunch of bonus points for eating fruits and veggies, and drinking water. This year I am aiming for 60 minutes 5 days a week — but my real goal is to hit 122% of my goal again.

This is a 10 week program, which is just long enough. I don’t get tired of counting points, and I did establish some habits that stuck around for awhile. The library also ‘competes’ as a team. I feel just the tinest bit of pressure to not let my team down. Just enough to push me off the couch.

I work regularly at two of the smaller branches of the the library . Three at one branch will be involved, and maybe one other at the second.
Let us hope for a successful group.

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