Thoughts on Squats

April 29, 2013 at 11:37 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

So I started doing the squat challenge. 30 days of squats ( every 4th day is a rest) starting with 50 squats and hitting 250 on the last day.

Yes, it will be possible to do 250 on the last day.

no it isn’t fun. but no, it doesn’t hurt that much either. Nor does it take much time.

today is day 6 and here is what I have observed so far. The more correctly you do squats, the easier they are to do. Yes, you are working. Yes, you get fatigued, but you can do it. At 75 squats I am already doing what I noticed happening when I did long walks. When one muscle gets tired (like hamstrings) other muscles take over (like quads) . That’s what makes me know it is possible. And squats really are a full body exercise. My arms go up ( to about shoulder height ) when I squat. so they are getting some work too.

I  have  no  idea what is  next.   this  didn’t  start as part of  the resolution game ,  but I  think I  will find a reward  when done.   And I  may  work it into the next round of resolution .

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Active for Life — Follow up

July 30, 2009 at 1:37 pm (chronic conditions, domestic life) (, , )

The Active for Life program is over — I hit 96 % of my goal . Two weeks of being sick was the ‘downfall’. Not much I can do about that. Sick is sick and you have to pay attention to your bodies needs. They are different when you are sick.

In general, I am pleased with my self. My goal was 60 min . of exercise 5 days a week. And I really did try to hit 5 days a week. Except when I was sick I did do at least 20 minuets of exercise 6 days a week. And exercise — I defined it as anything that was either real work ( like plant removal ) , or Moving the big muscles ( walking, biking, etc ) , or extraordinary housecleaning ( scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees — real work) . The lowest I hit when not sick , was 80% of my goal. So busy — not the excuse I thought it would be.

Any way I am going to try and Keep this up — but without keep ing track any where, I ‘m not so sure it will be easy.

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September 26, 2008 at 3:02 pm (domestic life) (, , )

Wednesday was the last class for his session. I’m not joining again. I might later- but for now this has been a thought.

here is what I learned:

Nope, still don’t like exercise.

Lunges .I can do them forever,once I find my balance.

sit ups are ok too.

eight minutes of arm circles are no fun

I hate jogging

concept of exercise buddy — I don’t like it . If I am going to exercise,I should go for me . Adding another person in it just makes things complicated. If I can’t or don’t want to go — another person being involved just make me feel guilty. And if the buddy can’t go or doesn’t want to go… I get really annoyed. I believe they have the right to flake , but I feel let down. I don’t like the mixed feeling.

I need to go find my gym card

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