January 28, 2008 at 2:06 pm (domestic life, fun) ()

So I thought that today was going to be a tech day, but really it is a domestic day. Yesterday we put some chalkboard paint on in the Kitchen. It looks  cool, so even if we use it just for fun, silly notes, I’m happy with it. DH has some ideas for molding to put around it – which should make it look even better.

We came up for a vision for the office. Right now we have a giant desk ( actually it is a door) This is a bad idea because if there is a flat surface, we pile on it. Since we have moved away from desktops to laptops , we no longer need the huge workspace. Our plan is to have one desk top machine that has an extremal drive for back up ( easier to grab in an emergency), but mostly , it will be just sitting there. We will have booksshelves, one real workspace, a comfy chair and a reading lamp. I think my old roll top desk will end up in there as well. The idea is to make it a comfortable retreat to work/ relax in. Sometimes DH needs to work where he can’t be disturbed. And sometimes he hates what I have on the TV. And sometimes DH has a bunch of musicians over – and really, only the living room is big enough for a group to play in. So it would be nice if there was an area where I can go and not feel like I have to be audience.

I knew we had to something about the office, but it is very nice to be excited about it.

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