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January 8, 2013 at 5:37 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Last year – I did cut my hair ;I did not continue walking to work, but I did dance more;and I read a few books of my TBR shelf – but not 12.

This year is resolution game style. ( thanks to my friend, H ) 1 point for each of these goals – 1) eat two serving of veggies a day and 2) walk or garden 15 minutes a day . At 25 points I get a prize; this time I get to buy a book for a kindle.

Technically, I could reach this goal in 13 days , but I don’t think so. When I reach 50 points — I’ll be leveling up.( like a computer game ) Gaols will be harder and I’ll need more points for a reward.

I kind of like this idea. I have decided that the Goal is the ‘a day’ part , not the number part. I eat veggies, I do exercise, but I need consistency. If I reach my first two big goals ( eating 4 servings of veggies most days and exercising 30 min 4 times a week ), I can add or change things around. If I find something I need to do for a short-term, it will fit in to.

Why not have fun?

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January 6, 2010 at 12:53 am (domestic life, fun) ()

This year  I  made a resolution.

I  know, I’m really  not into  them.  But  this one is all fun.

This year I  resolve  to ACCESSORIZE.  No, really.  I  have  the jewelry  ,  the scarves ,  and even  a hat or  two.  It  should be  fun.

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Plans and habits

February 23, 2008 at 3:18 pm (domestic life, resolution) (, , )

Today  I had  my first lesson on using the drill press.  It  was a good tool to learn  how o use , because it was pretty simple and not terribly  dangerous.  DH has  about 2barrels worth of Oak staves in the garage  so we are making lots of candelabras  like the one I  mentioned earlier. Anyway, part of  my plans for the year are moving forward.

Sadly, the office and guest room are not much improved.  I do  have  two small jobs in the guest room on my list of things to do this  week.  And as for  putting clothes away, well, it might take the whole year to improve this practice

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