more survival

October 17, 2008 at 4:18 pm (domestic life, garden) (, , )

or more experimentation. I added two broccoli plants, some french breakfast radishes , a couple of rows ruby red beets, and a few rows of harvest green onions. So far I’ve spent maybe 30.00 on dirt,plants, and seeds. Once the rains start coming it really shouldn’t cost much more. ( I already own fertilizer).

Gardening – esp vegetable gardening- is not necessarily a money saving venture. Have you ever read The $64 Tomato ? One man’s quest for the perfect garden. I guess that is the first lesson — don’t try to have a perfect garden. some pest somewhere will get something. The two biggest pests in my area — snails and gophers. But raising my bed 3 feet off the ground, they aren’t a problem. I thought squirrels might be a problem, but not so far. Of course by raising the bed I do have to invest more money in soil, fertilizer, and possibly water. (hard to tell about water — since it doesn’t rain around here in the summer) Of course composting and mulch could cut down on those numbers. I guess gardening is sort of a longer term investment/project.

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the experiment begins

October 15, 2008 at 2:04 pm (domestic life, garden) (, , )

Well, a week ago it hadn’t crossed my mind. Today, I have a winter garden . I took a 3 by 4 section of my garden and added 2 cubic yards of soil with lots of good stuff added to it. I’m supposed to add more fertilizer after 3 months — I think 2 would be better ( DEC 15th) . I just picked up plants at Target so I have a mix of what was available there. Currently there are 6 cauliflower plants, 1 bok choy , 1 swiss chard , and 1 ‘gourmet lettuce mix’. Peas, beets,parsnips,carrots,and radishes are other things that have been suggested. So I am not sure if I am done planting yet.

Planting this time of year is different. Still hot.( the cat gave up on being in the sun long before I finished.) I guess it is because the light is different,and the air isn’t as soft as it is in spring. In spring, planting feels like hope. In fall, it feels like survival.

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winter garden?

October 13, 2008 at 2:39 pm (domestic life, garden) ()

After hearing about my mom’s winter garden — it occurred to me that it would be possible to do a winter garden here in NoCal. Of course, I am getting conflicting information. Some say it is too late , some say I still have time. I think the ones that want me to plant peas in August are crazy. It is way too hot and dry for peas in August/ September. This year’s cold snap that is hitting us now — not usual. ( ok today it started warming up ) . But someplace else said it is the amount of light during the day that is the issue. Confusing. Not sure there will be a winter garden this year,but maybe next year.

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