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February 12, 2015 at 4:30 pm (books)

The  agency  1  : a  spy  in  the  house y.s. lee

From  afar  a  science fiction  mystery john  russell  fearn   –


In  the  woods Tara French  — good,  but  not   the  ending  we  wanted

The edge of the  earth  Christina Schwarz  woman  who  goes  to  live  with  her  husband in a  light  house in  Monterey – not  a happy  book but  good

The  drop  Michael Connelly  police  procedural

Dragonhaven  Robin  Mckinley Really  good  –  felt  very  real for  a  fantasy  novels

No Safety  in  Numbers Dayna  Lorentz  one  Saturday  everyone  gets  quarantined  in a  mall

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a few books

January 20, 2015 at 9:37 am (Uncategorized)

Killer instinct / Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Death’s daughter / Amber Benson –fun

dead beat  jim  butcher  ( dresden  7 )

Drop  Dead  Healthy  A J  Jacobs- same  person  that  spent a  year  trying to live by  the  rules  of  the bible..   interesting two  years  of  trying to find  the healthy  ways  to live .

proven  guilty  jim  butcher(dresden  8 ) those were both  rereads   the next  is  a  one  I  haven’t  read

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January 14, 2015 at 1:46 am (Uncategorized)

Long, long  ago there was a show called Buffy The Vampire  Slayer.   I  was looking forward  to  it,  because I  had seen  some gems  in the campy movie  of  the same  name.  The TV  show  was so  much  better  than  the movie.  My  sisters and  I talked about the show. Around  the  same  time, my  DH and I moved to  CA .  He worked long  hours,  and I  went to  the grocery  store  to find  people to  talk to.  I  was  lonely.   Somewhere  along  the line I  found  The  Board.


The Board was  the  place  where all kinds of  different people talked  about Buffy. There were professors, moms, lawyers,  students,  geeks,musicians and artists. We analyzed ,criticized, predicted the next  move for  our  show, and  got  to  know  each  other .  Over 14  years  we  went  from buffy  friends to  invisible  friends to friends. Marriages,  citizenship, children, divorces, bombs, salad  shooters, careers, muffalettas,  hair,  and underwear were only  a few  of  things  we talked about.

Some of  us  have  met in  the physical  world.   Some  of  us  are shorter  than expected, sweeter  than  imagined, and  spell  better  when  we  talk.   But  we have learned , that what  we  write is  what we  say.

Today  we  lost one  of our own.  ita  was a  fierce.   She did Krav Maga  and questioned  you  whenever your arguments got sloppy.  She  built  our board.  She put really  gross  links  on our  board (no ,  I  am not  sharing) and really  beautiful  links.   She was  brave .   She  moved  to LA  with  and  stayed  with  a  relative stranger(Thanks  Allyson)  until  she  found  a  job.   She  was  determined.   Even  with  debilitating migraines  every  day  she worked,  stayed involved in fandoms , and took  art  classes.

everyday ita will be  missed

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the listing of books

January 6, 2015 at 5:26 pm (books) (, , )

Last  year  was  the first  year I  didn’t  list  the books  I’ve  read  since  1998.  There were two  reasons for  this .  One,  I  was getting annoyed  when I  fell behind  and I wasn’t sure if I  remembered  everything.   Two, I  was getting competitive  with  myself over  the numbers.   I  was worried  about not  making better  numbers  than  the  year  before.   Crazycakes.   So last  year, I listed  nothing;  but  i  am going to  list  again.   I  can’t  remember  enough  of  what  I  read off  the top of  my  head.   I know  the Maisie Dobbs  series  was  one  I  started  this  year . (  really  good )  And  I  finished  the Agent Pendergast  series.   I also  know  I  read Devil in  the White  City – which lead  me to  read  more  non-fiction, most  notably  a  book  about Nellie  Bly’s  journey  around  the  world.

The plan  for this  year is to start listing again , but  not  worry   ( too  much  )  about  numbers or  100% accuracy.   and  without  further  ado – the first  two  book of 2015.

Both  of  these  books  were found as I  reviewed  the Teen  section at  the Library.

Dead reckoning  Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill  As  a  team , these  authors  have  done  a lot of  urban  fantasy.   this one is zombies and steampunk in  the old west – just after  the civil war.    fun

Rock ‘n’ roll in locker seventeen  Shannon Brown  This one  is about a boy  that has an obsession about a rock and roll star that vanished in 1964. So far it  has  been  fun, and not too  over the top  in any way.  Our main  character  seems  like any teenager trying to find  his way.   – looking forward to  finishing this at  dinner

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What not to eat.

October 21, 2014 at 1:53 pm (food) (, )

I’ve  seen  a few  lists on  the internet and I  have Opinions.  Here are my  thoughts.  Sadly, I  am  not  in charge  of  the world, or a nutritionist,  or a  scientist; so  my  opinion  only  counts if  you  want  it to count.   I  don’t  really  care  what  you  eat.   Yes,  you  can  complain about  you  weight and  eat  ice cream.   Just  don’t  do  it  at  the same time,  enjoy  you ice cream.

1)  Fast  food.

I’ve  eaten  fast food  2x in  the last 3- 6  years.  most of it isn’t  that  tasty.   And it is gigantic  amounts  of calories  that  are  not  really  balanced in  the  nutritional  sense.  and I  swear  there is something in  the food  that makes  you  crave  it It  is odd   that  the more  you  eat  it  the more  you  want it.

2)  Over-processed  food.

the  definition of  processed – is  sort of interesting – because  chopping  up  a veggie is processing  it.  So  lets  just  say  stuff  that is very  shelf stable  because  it  has lots  of  extra  stuff in  it.   Or  added colors.   or  neon  colors. I’ve  read a bunch of  articles  that  suggest preservatives and some of  the other food additives  cause inflammation. Asthma,  diabetes, and heart disease  all have inflammation . Yes  I  eat  Doritos  and Pringles – but   don’t think  I  should.

3)  added  sugar.

I’m  not  talking  cakes  and pies  and cookies – you  know what  they  are.   but peanut butter  and beans?   they  don’t  need  it.  Cutting  out  added  sugars – will , over  time ,  reduce  your sweet  tooth.

4)  artificial  sweeteners.

They  taste  bad.   And the research  on them  puts  all kinds of  things  like – messing with your glucose  levels,  inflammation, and cancer.   And even  if  they  didn’t  do  anything – they can increase  your  desire for  sugar.

5)  things  you  don’t  like.

Seriously, If  you  are not a veggie  eater, find a  few to eat  and add some fruit. Throw  some chopped  spinach in your spaghetti sauce.   Be  a grown  up  and figure  out  how to  get some nutrition in  your  diet

but if you  hate  Kale-  don’t  eat  it.   Those  really  sad  danishes from  the grocery  store – that aren’t  really  good , don’t  eat  them.   don’t  like  beef  , don’t  eat  it.   Eating food  you  don’t  like can  lead to  overeating because  you  aren’t  satisfied and  sometimes if  you  don’t  really  like something your body  is  saying something .

What  should  you  eat?   Good,  tasty  food.  Prepared with  care , not  corporation.  Organic   when  you  can.  As  close to  a  natural  state as  makes  sense.  and always  with  enjoyment.

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where to get books

May 23, 2014 at 11:57 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

I always  used  libraries.  There  was a brief period in time where it  was difficult  to get  to a  library ,  but we  will remember  that  with a small shudder  and forget  it.   I have always bought books. I  am  in a  horrid  place  right now  where I  have no local  book store to  buy  new books.   Over  time  I  have become … invested /enmeshed  in Amazon.


First  it  was  Amazon  Prime- 2 day  shipping for  free- good  for  someone  that forgets to send things out to family  and friends.  Then when I could  borrow  ebooks  from the library I  got  a  kindle. And then I  found out I can borrow  a book a  month  from amazon for  free.   And  there are free ebooks – perfect for checking  out  a  new  author ( an getting me  hooked on  a  series) .  And since our  DVD  player  and TIVO  died –we  use   the streaming  video  a  bunch.


But  I  have  been  hearing  about this. Amazon blocking and slowing sales from certain publishers- because they want more from the publishers. I can’t tell you if this is fair – but I can tell you it might not be wise. Because there are still a number of places to order a book- I don’t have to go to Amazon.

Am I going to give up on Amazon well, some of my favorite authors only do ebooks through amazon ( no physical copies) so the answer is no. But I am more than happy to use my nook ap on my ipad or buy a book from another source.

So if you cant get the book you are looking for – just do a web search – there is probably some place you can buy it

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