good-bye garden

October 11, 2008 at 3:24 pm (domestic life, garden) (, )

Well,the veggie garden just wasn’t as successful this year as it was last year.It started with a bang – but then just got tired.Talking to a friend, he felt that because the water runs through the garden – I probably need more fertilizer.

Today I decided to pull everything out of the garden,including the two-year old tarragon and oregano I found another culprit. The oregano roots ran all over the garden box. I am guessing it was a food hog.

Plan for next year.First — more dirt — I want the box almost full. Hopefully some of it will come from my compost pile. Second, more fertilizer. Or more often.

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23 Things – Learning 2.0

March 1, 2008 at 2:46 pm (fun, learning 2.0, library, web 2.0) (, )

First, this was fun. I am not the most self directed learner, but as I have said for years the reason I work in libraries is because knowing just a little bit about everything makes me very happy. I spend a fair amount of time on the internet,but there are tons of places I hadn’t explored. Now.I’ve started. I’m guessing there are places that will never call me back but blogging seems to be a part of my life , both personally and professionally. I am thrilled to find Zoho, LibraryThing and (which solved my problem of my bookmarks being scattered on computers across the universe). There are a few places I want to revisit and see if I can figure out my frustrations with them.

Favorite thing: Tag clouds. Looking at the author cloud for my LibraryThing account is fun because it is a sort of visual graft of how many books I have by an author. ( come on say it with me – GEEK ). I keep thinking a user generated tag cloud in addition to regular cataloging might actually expand a search for someone, especially if they are looking for more obscure information.

Changes I would make. Really, the biggest change I would make is to make the last week two weeks long. I fell about a week behind and I felt a bit rushed in finishing this up and I would have like to think about some of the things a bit more. Esp for this last exercise.  I saw other catch up from even further behind adn I’m guessing some of them might have liked a little more time ( but then again – who knows)

Would do something like this again. Yup, you bet, uh huh.

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