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April 1, 2016 at 3:40 pm (chronic conditions, diabetes) (, )

I went to  a class for a condition I  have  had for  14  years.   I  expected to  be bored,  but I  felt validated instead. The science  word  was used .  so  here is  what I learned

1) Genetics.  yup,  that’s  the cause.   excess  fat- that’s  from  the body  not  knowing how to  deal  with  glucose. Validation.  It is  what I  have  read , what  the newer  research  shows,but  what  people want to  argue  with  me about.

2) once  there is a diagnosis – diet  and exercise  alone  won’t  work. Your  pancreas  is tired- medicine is  there to  help.   Some people  need  more  medications  than  others- it is body chemistry.  But  this is why   the lowering of number  for diagnosis for  prediabetes – it is to actually  help  you  stay  off  medication longer. This validated  my  experience with  food  and    gave  me  some information.

3) heat attacks, high blood  pressure, high blood sugar  etc,  are  now  all grouped  together known as  metabolic  syndrome


just sharing with  the class



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walking and diabetes

October 20, 2011 at 11:52 am (chronic conditions, diabetes, walking) (, , )

You  will read  and you  will hear – that  walking will make diabetes better.I’ve  even  hear  the word  cure. When I  was  first diagnosed – I could go  for a  walk  and  see  my numbers  drop.   Sadly,  it  doesn’t  work that  way  anymore.  In  fact  it is difficult  for  me to get  my  numbers to  budge. Even when I  trained  for  walking 60  miles. I know I’m  not  alone (  I read  about a  guy  who  ran his first  half  marathon – and also  hit his  highest  blood sugar ever, while  running it) .  So  nothing is  quite  simple.

So What’s  the point?  Well I  actually  think everybody  that  can  walk,should  walk. There  was  an article  in last week’s chronicle that   had  some fascinating  information.  Just  15  minutes  of  walking, six days a week, can add 3 years to your life. More is better, but a small amount of time can give you three more years to hang with your friends and family. That sounds like a deal to me

There is  a group called EveryBodyWalk that is trying to encourage everyone to walk . Check them out.

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counting spoons

September 27, 2010 at 11:11 am (asthma, chronic conditions, diabetes) (, , )

I put this on facebook, but I need it here for me . In this essay, a woman explains what it is like to live with a chronic disease. She compares energy to spoons – and as you do each task of the day – you lose a spoon. Things are not as bad for me as they are for her, Most of the time. But there are days and even weeks that are. And I need to remember to count my spoons

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April 19, 2010 at 8:51 pm (chronic conditions, diabetes, rant) (, )

I  Love  this  article.
Control is a bad word for diabetes. Really. Eat well, exercise — and then fall off your bike . Up goes the blood sugar. Take boot camp – lots of exercise — stress your body — up goes the blood sugar. Take care of someone sick — up goes your blood sugar. Feel for someone’s  problems — up goes your blood sugar. Life happens and your blood sugar goes. up . As my Doctor says — diabetes is a progressive disease. – progressively worse.

Influence is a better word. It makes sense from my experience.

I like the word  influence for all diseases.   You  can  do  everything in  you r power  to prevent  a  cold,  and  still get  one. But it is a great word for chronic conditions. Life  will always  get  in  the way  of  control.

I’m  not  that  picky  about  word  choices.  In fact,  my  DH  would  say  I  am  careless.  But  sometimes it  really  makes  a difference.

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