october books

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Money Run (LB) Jack Health ok. ya teen thieves

an Incomplete Witch debra Geary (KB) one more of my favorite witch stories

Cuckoo’s calling(LB)Robert Galbraith ( aka jk rowling) Excellent . detective novel. Very british in that the beginning is slow – and then suddenly your speeding along to the conclusion. really well done. and I was on the list before I knew who the author was – because I kept seeing copies of it for other people.

Kitty raises hell; Kitty’s house of horrors (klb)werewolf radio host – can’t get the next few at the library- what to do….

Shadows Robin McKinley Excellent. Magic has been banned – and doesn’t really exist. Forbidden magic, animals, friends, daring deeds and origami. fast paced and really good.

that is only 6. I think I read more, but didn’t write them down
I think that makes 67

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