food preservation – notes

March 27, 2017 at 11:08 am (Uncategorized)

I  took  a  class on  pickles and other food  preservation class- these are  my  notes :

Fermentation:   easy   just  Salt and veg or  Salt water  and veg.   sauerkraut, kimchi , ad preserved  lemons are  on my list.  ( by the way – I  Hate commercial  kimchi- but the stuff I  tried  yesterday  was amazing – eyeopening .   And  not  to  hot) Start at about 70 degrees — move to  cooler  areas to  stop fermentation.   Can last  a very  long  time.


refrigerator pickles:   If  you  want them to  last a long time – stick  with tried and true ratios of vinegar, sugar,  and salt. Cook the veggies in  the hot  brine to  soften and get it into  the veg- but raw  works too.

Pickles – that  go  through the canning thing will last for ever.  low acid  vegetables like beets  and tomatoes need a long time in  the processing,  but  that  means less sterilization ( clean  yes, but sterilizing  is different).   Stick with  tested recipes.

Note: Once processed – lots of  canners leave the ring part off  the lid.  If the seal  is bad  the lid will come off – so  you  know where  you  are.

all this got me  thinking about pickled  limes form Little Women.   Turns out it was a craze – so I  might have to make them just to see

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Watch out

February 1, 2017 at 8:41 am (Uncategorized)

I  am white. I  am upper  middle class.  I  am  a woman ‘of a certain age’.  The first two things put me in a protective  bubble.  The third puts  me in  the corner.  I can be ignored.

I was 13 or 14 when I first learned  the power of not counting.  Another girl and I joined a town soccer team.   Back when  high schools aged teams were just starting to be mixed.  After  the first practice, my  friend never showed up again.  I  stuck it out.  It  was really  awkward.  I  was uncomfortable.   I  hated practice drills.  But I  really  liked playing  soccer games.  I  was a halfback.  I knew  what the rules were and where I  was supposed to be (so rare for me at  that age) .

One game I went offsides.  Not  on purpose,  but it happened.  One of  the boys on  the other team pointed this out to  the ref.  The ref: She’s a girl, she probably  doesn’t know  the rules.

I  was never a great, or even good, soccer player.  I understood that part of sports was pushing the rules.  But my soccer playing changed.  I  was a girl , I didn’t count and I could flout  the rules.

It wasn’t the only time.

So that overweight, sometimes awkward, grey-haired woman  over  there?   Might be more dangerous  than  you  think.



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October 19, 2016 at 10:38 pm (Uncategorized)

or may  I  please  have  some  more?

I  don’t  sleep  well.   I  think  at one point in my  life  I  did ,  but  somewhere it  stopped.   I  remember staring  out  my  window at  night,  especially  in  the summer.   I  know  that  once high school  hit  I  read  way  into  the  wee  hours  of  the  morning.  I  know  I  didn’t  sleep  much  in  college, or  in my  retail  years.

I don’t  sleep  much  now.   I  get about 4.5  hours  -give or  take .   ( according  to  my  fitbit,  which is  how  accurate? )

I  do not  have classic  insomnia.  I  fall  asleep  pretty easily.   I  just don’t  stay  asleep.  And  if  I  wake  up at  the wrong time– I’m  up for a  couple  of hours.

I’ve  tried  all  the good  sleep  habits, cool room  dark  room, quite room,  white  noise,consist  bedtime  , no  caffeine  after  noon,   tried  no  alcohol(  no  really ) ,etc.   I  even  took  Ambien  CR  for a  little.   – it  did  keep  me  asleep  but I  couldn’t  get  past  the grogginess

Recently   a  co-worker  mentioned The Power of When.   I  took  the  quiz here.  And Whee,  I am a  dolphin.  Which means I  don’t  sleep  well .   And maybe I don’t  need  the 7 to 8  hours  every  night.

Now, I’m  not going to  say  this book is Truth,but  there were some interesting  things.

  1. the book  said  I  should do something active  first  thing in  the morning,  to  get  my  blood  moving,  get  my  brain  started,etc.   About  a  year  ago- i  started  sweeping  the house  every morning partly  due  to  cats, but also – it  seemed to  help wake  me  up.  Now  it is talking about  something  more  vigorous,  but…
  2. it talked about  going to  bed later -and getting up  at bit earlier.   Shortening the time in  bed.   For  awhile,  I  was  going to bed  later.   It  seemed  to make sense,  and I  was not  waking up for  long periods of  time as  often.   But  I didn’t  have a really  thought  out  idea and I  still  thought I  should be  in bed for  8  hours.   This is  a  plan for  about 7  hours.   So  if wake  up  time is  between  7 nd  730 –  then  bed time is  between  1130  and 12.  the  books say  11- 630  ,  but 630  is  un likely.

Right now,  I am starting  with two  and hoping to add more to one.   There are  other things  to  do  and  try  – but  even a  little more  sleep  sounds  amazing.


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a thought

June 13, 2016 at 3:34 pm (Uncategorized)

So  I  can’t  think  of  a  single time that mass murder/shooting /killing   has fixed  things.   Changed things maybe – but it  happens  again .  There are always others, there are always  enemies,there is another group of extremist.

Yet somehow, we  raise  people  that  believe  that killing lots  of people will make  what they don’t  like go  away.

I don’t  think killing is ever more  than  a short  term  solution.  State  sanctioned  death ( aka  the death penalty) stops one  person, but doesn’t prevent a problem. Even  killing  that  person  that was going to harm you – only  stops that  one  person. This  is  ot  a  judgement on defending yourself , but it  just isn’t getting to  the root  of the problem.

We accept  that  killing is something  that  people  do.


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dreams are fun

April 28, 2016 at 7:35 am (dream, Uncategorized)

Last  night  I  dreamed  I was asked to do a last  minute  presentation at  a  library convention.   It  was  about  Lilly  Sombodyor another  (  i   don’t  remember  her  last  name)   who  was  involved with a  number  of  surrealist writers and  a  Shakespearean actor.  I  was  doing  all kinds of  interesting  last  minute  research.   It  was until  about  10 minutes after I  woke  up  that I  realized that  my  brain had completely  made up  this  person

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November 17, 2015 at 9:34 pm (Uncategorized)


I  grew  up  with  dogs. I  thought all  cats  were snobby  and  standoffish.   Over  the  years  I’ve  learned  that  isn’t  true.   And the variation of personalities – is  endless.   Tonight  we lost Nathaniel.   Our  miracle  boy .   2and  half to  3  years  ago – he  suddenly couldn’t  walk or see straight.  he saw a cancer specialist – – much  too  often  for  his  taste.   But  lived  and lived well.   he  purred  for  us,  ran to  the door when we got  home,  and yelled  at  us  for  not opening the  door  to  the  world  of  grass . he mauled  the evil  vets  as often  as possble.   he  was our  Jeckle  and hyde boy.

he  will  be  missed

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